Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Weekend Recap - Busiest Weekend Ever Edition

 So I feel like saying that this was the busiest weekend ever may be a bit of a stretch BUT it's our last super full weekend and this has been my "if we can make it through this it's all coasting from here" weekend ;)

G and I kicked it off with some girl time on Friday afternoon...

... if you want to go to literally the girliest, pinkest (and honestly, really professional) nail salon in all the land we highly recommend Rose Couture.  This one is in Fairview but I've heard the other locations are great as well.

Home to CHILL for a bit and then it was time to get ready for graduation....

... with a little sibling fighting on the way ;)

Let the record show that they were arguing over a water bottle that belonged to neither of them because that is worth fighting over! 

One of our favorite girls EVER is officially a graduate and we couldn't be more proud!

We grabbed dinner with friends after the ceremony and this was what we found when we rolled into the garage close to 11 pm...

Saturday morning was relatively "slow"... we all slept in a bit and then the boys got started getting ready for finals...

... while G and I headed to dance pictures and recital rehearsal.

#dancemom life ;). 

Look at all those darling ballerinas!

Next up was hip hop...

Rehearsal was a wrap and it was time to head home for a couple of hours...

I cleaned a bit, took a nap and then put together these flowers for G.

Dressed (again) and back to the high school (again) and the recital couldn't have been sweeter.  It's still hard for me to believe that she's not one of the tiny dancers but instead is doing her own backstage changes and handling all the things herself!

Grateful for a sweet friend who took these for me!

So proud of our girly!

Ugh! The sweetness!

Sunday was the sweetest day with church...

... carrot cake...

... the most gorgeous flowers...

... and ice cream.  Amen.

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Just so much end of school year JOY!!! The pics of Griffin are absolutely precious!

  2. New reader here. We had a dance recital this past weekend too! It was very long but my daughter loves it so we endured. LOL.


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