Friday, May 12, 2023

Friday Favorites

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Well - we made it.  Our last full week of school.  AND IT WAS A DOOZY.  I felt like we had #allthethings which is super fun but also super exhausting.  Here are a few of my FAVORITE moments from the week!

Miss McAnally reporting for duty!

Mrs. McKeller is a BELOVED 1st grade teacher at MCA and every year she donates a "teach with Mrs. McKeller" day to the school auction and we FINALLY won it this year and Griffin was ELATED!!!

She picked out her best "Mrs McKeller outfit" which obviously included school colors and a Mustangs jacket!

I got pics throughout their morning together and they made me smile because LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS!!!  Mrs. McKeller even brought her a "teacher drink" ;)


She signed behavior cards...

... gave a math quiz...

... took the class to recess...

... hosted a group of students for a reward lunch...

... led the class devotion and just had the VERY BEST DAY!  All three of my kids had Mrs McKeller and we adore her for a whole host of reasons and how special she made this day is just the icing on the cake!  Griffin wants to be a teacher JUST LIKE HER and that makes my heart so so so happy.

Last week was one of G's FAVORITE days of the year - kite day!

Sno-cones are always a FAVORITE!

One of Luke's FAVORITE weekends of the year is his time at our youth groups Extreme Camp and this year Mason gets to go!

Our FAVORITE fourth grader got her speech results back and she ROCKED IT!

PSA - I have a new FAVORITE easy side dish.  The costco mac and cheese.  JUST TRUST ME!

If you have a Parry's close by you HAVE to try my FAVORITE salad... the Lexington Avenue.  It's ridiculous

This Tuesday was also Texas Day in Fourth Grade (told you it was a doozy of a week) and G opted to wear one of her brothers FAVORITE jerseys...


There was corn hole and corn dogs and Dr Pepper and bluebonnets. AMEN!

I found a leftover cosmic brownie from the 8th grade trip in my bag and, not gonna lie... it was a FAVORITE part of my week.  I LOVE a Little Debbie brownie!

The boys had their Spring band concert on Tuesday...

... and they both played amazing....

... and both got the Outstanding Musician award!  

The sky when we pulled out that night was my FAVORITE!

Mason's english teacher had a "40 book challenge" this year and Mason not only completed it but he exceeded the goal and read 58 books!  For a kid who "doesn't like to read" I am FOREVER GRATEFUL that she inspired him this year!  (each of the kids had to do a poster to summarize their challenge experience which I thought was such a great idea)

Griffin had her church choir Spring performance on Wednesday night and watching her sing is my FAVORITE!  She had a solo and performed beautifully!  

Whew! What a week!  We also had twin day at dance but I can't find a pic - hahaha

Tonight we're headed to graduation (be still my heart) where I'm sure a big ol' pack of kleenex will be my FAVORITE and then G has her recital on Saturday which we're all looking forward to.  Next week both boys have exams all week BUT we have half days which is all of our FAVORITE part!

HAPPY Friday, friends and HANG IN THERE, mamas!!!!  The end is in sight!

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  1. It looks like Griffin had the best day at school. What fun to be teacher for the day. Your schools seem to have the best fun, kites, snow cones and Texas Day! Wow!

  2. Wow; what a fabulous week! Griffin looks like she made a wonderful teacher for the day. Good luck at graduation and with the recital.


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