Friday, March 17, 2023

Friday Favorites

 This week we said goodbye to one of our very FAVORITE people - Dave's granny, Myrtle.  She was LOVELY and always excited to see you and just genuinely joyful.  She would have been 101 in April and I'm so grateful that my kids go to experience her for so many years. 


Griffin participated in the ACSI Speech Competition this week and it's been so much fun watching her go through the process.  From the tryouts to the practices to the BIG recitation in front of the entire lower school it's all been so good for her! She was SO NERVOUS yesterday, but picked out a few of her FAVORITE things to wear which always helps ;)

Pie on Pi day is a FAVORITE...

... especially when you memorize the first 20 digits while waiting in line and get your pie for free!

Driveway basketball is a FAVORITE...

.... and so was this girls cutie haircut ;) Her hair grew SO MUCH recently!!!

I made one of my family's FAVORITE recipes this week...

... and while waking up super early to head back to school after Spring Break and a time change wasn't a FAVORITE getting to see some pretty awesome sunrises for sure was!

The Christmas photos we did with Stella Images are some of my favorite photos EVER and so when I saw she was doing Spring mini sessions I blacked out and booked a spot ;)  Not only is she incredibly talented behind the camera but her creativity in dreaming up and then making these dreamy scenes is out of this world.  I can't wait to see what she captured - I have a feeling the pics will be some new FAVORITES...

Yes... those are baby chicks...

... and a LAMB!!! 

Before pics I asked my boys to take a picture and this is literally what I got.  hahahaha

Mason's new FAVORITE shoes from our Deep Ellum lunch/shopping Spring Break day.

You can shop all of their clothes below... please note that I found the shirt mason is wearing at TJ Maxx for $39 which apparently was a STEAL.  I actually bought the shirt for Luke (it's a mens XS) but Mason wanted to wear it for pics and I thought it looked great on him as well!

Y'all know that FB Marketplace is my FAVORITE and last weekend I scored  this framed textile for $40!  Isn't it cool?!?!?!

Spring is peeking through and I'm excited to see some of my FAVORITE spring dresses and shoes again!

This girl ;)  Snacky lunch in her FAVORITE "comfy chair" in my bedroom while watching a movie.  Living the dream!

Last Friday we went to Feed Our Starving Children in Richardson to help pack meals that will be distributed to kids around the globe.

If you can host a FMSC event at your church/work/etc. OR are local to one of their packing facilities I HIGHLY recommend participating. 

We did this for the first time about 3 years ago (Griffin would have been 6) and so it's do-able with younger kiddos as well which is hard to find.  


Golf season is in full swing and both boys made the team this year.  

Can't wait to watch them both do one of their FAVORITE things this season!

These are from Spring Break - but milkshakes with friends at The Yard (by Scheels in The Colony) was a FAVORITE for the boys ;) 

Luke's had an entire slice of cheesecake on top and Masons had a cookie and a brownie.  Holy sugar, Batman!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. So sorry for your loss Andrea. It's lovely that your kids had the opportunity to know Myrtle :).

  2. I am so sorry for your families loss. How lucky all of you were to have her in your lives for so long. 101!! What an amazing life she must have lived.

  3. I am going to miss all of your "Dave's Granny" stories. You always had SO MANY because she was clearly AMAZING TO BE AROUND. love you all xx

  4. Wow- what an amazing life lived... 101 years! Prayers for comfort for you all.

  5. Oh Andrea, I am so sorry for you & your families loss. She sounded like such an amazing granny. You guys are so lucky to have had her for as long as you did. I hope one day your kids realize how lucky they were to have had a great-granny.

  6. How do you search and find all your treasures on Facebook Marketplace?


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