Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Teacher Tuesday - Sub Plans

First of all, I think ALL teachers will agree that being out of the classroom is WAY more work than being in it.  Leaving your classes with a substitute is no joke and there's a LOT of prep that goes into it if you want to come back to some semblance of order.  

Before I left for Nashville a couple of weeks ago I snapped some pictures of what I left for my sub (who is WONDERFUL and honestly, just a straight up National treasure!) and share a bit about what I like to do when I'm out of the classroom...


I left this binder out on my desk with a page for each class for the two days I was going to be out.  I like to leave everything in one spot... attendance, directions, answer keys, etc and this works well.

I leave most materials on my back counter with the dates on top and keep everything sorted by class and in order of the day.

I've realized over the years that more detail is better than less and even if it feels a bit crazy writing it out the subs I've had have always left feedback that they appreciate it.

If I leave a worksheet or activity I like to leave a copy of the answer key(s) so the sub can help if kids need it and not feel like they need to recreate the wheel to do so.

And last, but not least, I schedule announcements out for my classes in Google Classroom giving them copies of anything they worked on in class, extra videos to watch if they struggled with the day and reminders about what's due/not due/happening in class the next day/etc.

A few other notes...

- I make assignments on sub days due at the end of class.  It helps keeps kids accountable and on task ;)  If the sub notes that students had trouble finishing the assignment in the class period I'll often return it and give them another night, but if it was only one or two kids who didn't finish then it was more likely an issue of time management on their part (read: they spent the period chit chatting instead of working) :)  

- I make sure that whatever assignment I leave is review and not new material.  I mix critical thinking and application problems in with the majority procedural type problems because I remember my own frustration as a student when you'd have a sub and your assignment seemed like it had been pulled from left field.  I want the kids to get in extra practice and/or application without feeling frustrated.

- I make sure I prep everything I'll need for the day I come back as well - so that way I'm ready to go when I get back in the classroom and don't have to come up in the evening.

Hoping you gleaned a tip or two and if you have a great sub planning tip I'd love to hear it!

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


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