Thursday, February 16, 2023

Daddy Daughter Dance 2023

Dave and Griffin went to the school's Daddy-Daughter dance this past weekend and they were SO DARLING I felt like a recap warranted it's own post ;)

Dave and G have been to several daddy-daughter dances together but this was the first year that our school has hosted one and it couldn't have been more precious!

I volunteered to help decorate on Saturday afternoon and had the best time helping get things prepped and ready for the girls.

I shared a video on my IG stories that had this setup on it and had TONS of questions - it was a tablecloth that was designed to look like a diner counter and then a backdrop piece.  We put the table in the front (like the counter) and then a second table behind it (for rootbeer float prep) with the backdrop and it couldn't have been cuter! (Tablecloth and backdrop both from Party City)

The cafe lights, giant disco ball and other lights were set up by a parent who owns an event lighting business (that's a really awesome contact to have, right?!?!?!). 

The theme was "fifties" and while Griffin wasn't super excited about a poodle skirt (not really sure what her hesitation was) it was love at first sight with this "diner girl" ensemble that we found HERE.  I bought the saddle shoes on eBay (the "current" version is super expensive and don't look the same) and the little socks HERE.

She wanted Dave to dress up with her and so I grabbed this apron and bow tie (it also came with a hat and concession box thing) for Dave HERE and they couldn't have been more precious if they tried.

Dave got her the sweetest corsage...

... and they were ready to head out!



I opted to help set up and not volunteer during the event so they could have their own time and am forever grateful for friends who helped out and sent me pics ;)

Total Stars Hollow Dance-A-Thon vibes and I love them so much!!!

Griffin and her bestie, Griffin ;) Yes... you read that right. hahahaha

G-Squared is a force on the volleyball court and the dance floor ;)

They ended the evening at G's restaurant of choice for a late dinner....

... and she crawled into bed with me as soon as she got home and I swear she was asleep within about 2 minutes ;)

And just for fun here are a few previous years of daddy-daughter dances...

... and here's a picture of me and my dad at my 1995 Girl Scout Father-Daughter sock hop ;)

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!


  1. These are all precious!! Love their outfits!

  2. Our father daughter dances growing up were always Girl Scout sponsored. Our theme was always "western". So fun! We're getting close to daddy daughter dance age and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!

  3. I love their outfits!! He is a wonderful girl Dad!


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