Monday, January 30, 2023

Weekend Happies


Here we go again with a Monday dose of things that made me smile this weekend ;)  I've been battling a cold from you-know-where and having a bit of a pity party for myself so this was actually a really great exercise and reminder for me - hoping you can find some things that made you happy to kick off the week on a high note!

First up - BAM!!!!! Those are all graded papers and this means I'm OFFICIALLY current after a week of slacking.  PRAISE HANDS!!!

This little pouty face while I was grading said papers made me smile...

... and an overnight delivery of this for SURE made me happy ;) hahaha

Waking up after 10:00 a.m. on Sunday to realize that my entire family was at church but had left me to sleep, shower and have a minute put a HUGE smile on my face.  Not the missing church part but the REST for sure did.

We missed out on a friends birthday dinner Saturday night due to said cold and instead drowned my sorrows in some homemade chicken alfredo.  I hated missing out BUT family night and great food made me smile.

Mason trying to do his homework while Rosie begged for snuggles...

... and Luke finishing up his ref training and getting his kit in the mail on the same day made us all super happy!

Griffin  is giving out croc charms for her class valentines and watching her and her brothers sort through them and pick their favorites made me extra happy.

Watching these two cuties out on the volleyball court always puts a smile on my face...

... and we've been watching "Special Forces" as a family and some couch/TV/dessert time never disappoints!


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