Monday, January 16, 2023

Amazon Lately

 This has been another FUN month on my prime account - buckle up, y'all! ;)

This pop darts game was recommended by a friend and it is SO MUCH FUN!  I love that it comes in it's own little bag and that you can play it anywhere.  We all love it and have had the best time playing it this month.

If you need some deodorant for a little girl in your house we LOVE this one!

I finally jumped on the air fryer train and I really don't know why I didn't do this back in 2020 like every other person ever.  I bought  this one and we've used it multiple times a day every day since.

I also grabbed  these parchment liner things that I have zero complaints about.

We worked our way through our Christmas puzzle stash and I ordered this GORGEOUS one to work on next.  

This cleaning cream is hands down the BEST way to clean your glass cooktop.  It couldn't be easier and works like a dream!

I also re-ordered  the best spray ever for counters.  I buy the refill and use it daily!

I grabbed  this set of three glass bowls for Valentine's Day... they would be DARLING on a charcuterie board with jelly beans or dips and they look so cute just on their own.

I stink at cooking rice (but love rice so much) and  this little rice cooker is PERFECTION!  I don't even understand how it works so well every single time.

The cutest little egg holders arrived on my doorstep this week and they make me so happy filled with eggs that I get from a friend. 

Mason has been on a shoe kick and got some Jordans for Christmas but didn't want to wear them because he didn't want them to get creased and a friend suggested  these and he loves them!  He did say that they took a minute to get used to but overall he really likes them.


Luke and I are going to Big Bend for a school trip in February and it is going to be COLD at night.  He got  two sets of these thermals for sleeping and so far he's given them two thumbs up.  The true test will be when it's freezing overnight and he's sleeping in a tent but I'll keep y'all posted ;)

Happy Monday, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Be careful with the air fryer liners. If the food in it isn't heavy the liners can move and start on fire. I know this by experience.

  2. We have that same air fryer and love it. The only way I have ever done rice is in the microwave. We got a glass covered Pyrex for our wedding 30 years ago and I just put it in there and follow the microwave instructions and it always comes out light and fluffy. I can never get it to come out right on the stove top. I did notice that Uncle Ben's no longer puts the microwave instructions on the box so I had to google it last time I made it. Super easy!


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