Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Christmas Home Tour - Part 2

Today I'm wrapping up my Christmas home tour and kicking things off in the office. 

Last year I decided to pull out the collection of vintage ornaments that have from my grandparents and really feature them by giving them their own tree.  

I ordered  this tree and it was love at first sight.  Since then I've kept my eyes peeled at antique malls and such for ornaments that are "something special" and my collection has grown a little bit and I'm excited to keep it growing over the years.

Friends know I love vintage ornaments and I have a couple cuties on my tree that have been gifts which is extra sweet.

I even have a couple of vintage ornaments that have the CUTEST and most fun little spun cotton figurines on them.

I love all our trees but there's something so special having ornaments that you know hung on your grandparents tree and/or were hand-painted.  I don't think anything will ever beat vintage!

Okay, y'all.  THE PLAYROOM!!!   The really skinny tree we had up here was SO overfilled last year that when I found  this tree on super sale I snagged it without measuring and hoped for the best ;)

It's a whole lot wider than our previous tree so we had to switch the spot up but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

The kids decorate this tree entirely on their own...

.... and it is just a treasure trove of random and colorful ornaments.  It started years ago with some felt ornaments and then a couple of colored ornament  sets from Target and has grown to something super fun.

The felt garlands were a homegoods find years ago...

... and if we're ever out and about and see a fun ornament we'll grab it to add.

I mean - how can you not smile looking at this on your way up the stairs ;)

The bookshelf holds our Christmas book collection...

... and the sweetest little nativity we picked up at a Christmas market one year.

Above the TV is a vintage silk screen (isn't that so cool) and we string up a couple of felt garlands on there as well...

... and G's pre-k wooden block nativity is on the side table...

... and the advent calendar with our Jesus Storybook reading cards is on the game closet door.

I REALLY wanted to tidy up G's room before I snapped these pics but if you have a 9-year old little girl I'm thinking that your reality may be something similar.  I was SUPER messy as a kid and let's just say I'm getting what I deserve now ;) hahaha 

All that to say, even in it's un-tidied state her room is still precious and her little tree couldn't be sweeter...

While popping into a couple of antique malls hunting for treasures for my office tree she's been picking out a few of her own and starting her own little vintage collection.  She's drawn to shiny brights and anything super pink and glittery ;)

On her desk (again, this is real life, friends) - she has a few of the little paper houses...

... and her Christmas cactus is starting to bloom!

A few more paper houses over here...

.... and on her dresser as well.  This is all her and I love how much she loves it.

Speaking of letting the kids do their rooms the way they want... let me introduce you to the way too big tree in Mason's room ;)  This flocked tree was in our bedroom last year and if I'm being honest I just didn't feel like putting it up this year.  I tried it in the playroom and didn't love the flocking with all of the colorful ornaments and was going to get rid of it when Mason asked to move it into his room.  It's giant but he loves it and so here we are...

... he put on some pizza and football ornaments we had and then filled it in with stuffed animals and other random things he found because of course he did!

And he topped it with a cowboy hat.  It looks REAL NICE next to that pug book fair poster, right? ;)

And there you have it!  I hope you've enjoyed the tour! HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. That tree is your office with all those vintage ornaments i just extra special! Love that you started using them!

  2. I love all of your trees, but especially love the tree in your office. Growing up we always had a real noble fir tree and I always loved that you can see the ornaments actually hanging. I added it to my cart and think I'm going to get it for a 2nd tree in our house. Your house looks beautiful!

  3. I LOVE Mason's tree soooo much!!! The cowboy hat on the top is the icing on the cake.


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