Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Christmas 2022

I still can't believe that Christmas has come and gone - wasn't it just Halloween?!?  What in the world, y'all! We had such a great few days and  today I'm sharing a few bits and pieces for the memory books ;)

We kicked off Christmas Eve with a marshmallowy hot cocoa bar courtesy of Buddy and Trixie our elves ;)

The kids decided to do their sibling gift exchange while we sipped hot chocolate and ate cinnamon rolls and this tradition is one of my all-time favorites.  It's really sweet to see them pick out gifts for each other and wrap them all on their own.

Just a touch of whipped cream ;)

After breakfast we got a few things ready to head to my brothers house for Christmas with his family.  I'm not sure why they're both crouching but it was seriously the best pic I took the whole afternoon - whoops!

The only other pics I took were the dessert spread I brought...

... and this super candid pic of all the cousins.  The end. ;) hahaha

We headed straight from Marks house to church...

... and then back to our house for the Cowboys game, lasagna and scratch-off lottery tickets.

Mason was the big winner with a $60 win on one of his tickets (not sure what that goofy face is - hahaha)

We wrapped up the night with a Christmas movie and LOTS of anticipation.

Christmas morning came bright and early (not TOO early though... Santa leaves the kids stockings upstairs and they go through those with each other and watch a movie until our 8 am start time) ;)

There was A LOT of excitement!

and a LOT of squishmallows ;)

Griffin set up my phone on Christmas eve to "catch" Santa and found this pic when she checked.  Looks like Santa shut it down but let this one pic slip through ;)

My FAVORITE kind of mess ;)


Later in the morning the kids discovered "goodbye notes" from the elves on their iPads and phones ;)

Mason was cracking up that Buddy used one of his favorite phrases - hahaha 

We spent the rest of the morning playing...

... and facetiming friends...

... and playing some more...

... before heading to Dave's aunt and uncles house for lunch.  It was the best kind of lunch where "just a little bit" of all the things makes a big ol' plate. 

After lunch we headed back to our house for an afternoon/evening of more presents, games and food with my parents... and once again I took approximately 2 pics ;) hahaha

Dave and I both commented when we got in bed how "EASY" this years Christmas felt.  Now that our kids are older some of the exhaustion that comes with Christmas Eve/Day has passed and it's just getting more and more enjoyable and fun for us.  A perk of big kids, y'all!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with friends and family!!!


  1. I'm so glad you had a merry Christmas! Mason's face of joy is the best I have ever seen. I love his excitement over everything! I love your traditions...you've definitely created memories for them that will last forever. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved seeing all the Christmas magic! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!


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