Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Amazon Lately

I was working on this post and laughing to myself because this may be my most random assortment of purchases ever ;) 

I ordered this collapsible garment rack for Griffin to use at her dance show this weekend.  She has multiple costumes and was totally taken with the dance duffel bags that some of the girls who do company dance have and since she doesn't need a dance competition duffel I found this little collapsible rack that will fit into her bogg bag and hold her costumes and make her feel all big ;). She's SO EXCITED about it and I'm excited to use it as an extra drying rack!

All three of my kids are into bracelets and so they're each getting one of these stretchy surf bracelets in their storkings.  They come in lots of colors and I love that they can leave them on while they shower and swim. 

I also ordered this bracelet set to split up between their stockings.

I ordered this set of smiley socks and I think that Mason will probably get two pairs and I'll take the other two.  Mason loves a statement sock and I think he'll love these!

This mechanical pencil set is right up Luke's alley...

... and this Nugs not drugs sticker is right up Masons.

I ordered another set of these socks for Santa to put in my stocking.  They're my absolute favorite and now that Griffin has been stealing them I needed a few extra pairs.

I ordered these koala squishmallow slippers for Griffin...

... and this mug for our teacher white elephant gift exchange ;)

Mason needed an ugly Christmas sweater and this is what he picked out ;)  Nothing says Merry Christmas like kittens and pigs riding pizza magic carpets!

... and This hoodie from The Office because they both made me laugh so hard.  I LOVE this episode and this line and the hoodie is perfect.

These corn dog stickers are going in my kids stockings...

... and I ordered these dog bladders supplements (never thought I'd be typing that sentence) after Rosie started showing some UTI symptoms (she had a pretty rough one back in the summer) and within about 12 hours all of her symptoms were gone.   We started her off with 8 a day (she's close to 200 lbs) and then went down to 6 a day and continued for about a week and she's had zero issues since. 

I ordered  this fragrance oil to use in my classroom diffuser and it smells SO GOOD. 

I had some weird-shaped Christmas gifts I was needing to wrap and this set of craft bags worked out perfectly! I love that they're great for all occasions.  They're a really heavyweight paper and look great!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

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  1. I love the complete randomness of these purchases! :-D Good ideas here though for my 12 and 9 year old boys.


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