Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Gift Guide - Younger Kiddos

EEEK! I am so excited about this post - gifts for younger kids are my absolute favorite to buy and while I don't have littles in my home anymore I definitely have some recommendations based on so many fun years of shopping for my own kids.

This mail carrier kit is DARLING and I LOVE anything that encouraged imaginative play. My kids would have eaten this set UP!

Magnetic tiles are one of my top go-to gift ideas because they're perfect for all ages and the more you have the more things you can make.  

I'm pretty sure that if  this marble run set showed up ay our house my kids wouldn't be mad about it ;)  Isn't it great?!?!

I will forever and ever sing the praises of Jellycat stuffed animals.  I've loved them from my retail days before I even had kids and I still love them today.  I buy them any chance I get (baby gifts, birthday gifts, etc.) and they're the best stuffies you can buy.  They've got a little weight to them and they stay soft after years of washing and there's just nothing cuter.

Lego Duplos are timeless and, again, one of those things that the larger your collection grows the more fun they are.  We keep our Duplo collection under the stairs for when my nephews come over and my kids still have the best time with them when they have an excuse to get them out.  They last FOREVER and you can easily clean them in a sink full of soapy water.

If you're buying duplos a base plate or two would be an awesome addition.

Giving Griffin A bitty baby is one of my favorite gifts of all time.  There are less expensive options out there but there's really nothing like a bitty baby.

Wellie Wishers are great for kids who are a little bit older but may not be ready for a full-size American Girl doll.

This tea set is DARLING and I'm sad that my kids are too old for it now.  We had a huge collection of play food and dishes and my kids played restaurant/kitchen for HOURS!

All three of my kids LOVE snap circuits and they're another one of those gifts that's great because you can combine sets.

We love a paper roll holder to keep in the kitchen.  It's great for big or small projects...

... and it would be PERFECT with a set of these paint sticks

I LOVED little golden books and  this box set couldn't be more precious!

I've mentioned  this lowrider trike countless times and stand by my declaration that it's the best kids trike out there. 

Last, but not least - a wooden train set is one of my favorite kids toys ever.  We had a train table for YEARS and still have all our wooden track pieces and trains.  They're a timeless classic!

Happy shopping, friends!!!

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