Monday, October 3, 2022

Individual Skeleton Charcuteries ;)

I have always loved making "snack" lunches for my kids - sometimes one big board and sometimes individual. This past weekend I was putting away some baking pans and found  these three small pans I had that I had forgotten about and immediately thought how fun it would be to make some skeleton charcuterie lunches!

I started out with three of  these pans and  a set of skeletons...

... and then just started pulling out things that I had on hand.

Each of my kids has different preferences so their "boards" were suited to their likes and dislikes...

Mason had a PB&J, naan dippers with pimento cheese, etc...

... while Luke and G's were more "meat and cheese" based.

They were SO FUN to put together!

... and the kids were excited about them which is always the best.

These would be SO SIMPLE to customize - you could do a veggie one, fruit one and protein one....

... or cut a grilled cheese sandwich into quarters for each pan and then add in their favorite fruits, snacks, etc.

I have these mini latte bowls which were perfect for their dips as well.

We'll probably do these again - but next time I may have the kids make them for themselves or maybe customize them for each other.  

Super quick and easy but super festive!  HAPPY Monday and happy October, friends!!!

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