Friday, October 14, 2022

Friday Favorites

     Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us every week.  Make sure that you're grabbing our graphic, linking back to us and sharing your own Friday Favorites post ;)

First on my list of FAVES is this precious picture that popped up on my FB memories.  This little spot.  This tiny table.  These sweet little boys.

And here they are now!  So pumped up and ready for DNow weekend this Fall ;)  TIME FLIES, Y'ALL!

Both boys are doing Robotics after school and they're LOVING IT!

I shared a snippet of this book on my IG stories this week - it's a FAVORITE if you're looking for a great book to work through with any pre-teens or teens in your life.  We start out with the first couple of chapters introducing the liar and what is a lie and then pick and choose chapters to work through based on what the girls want to talk about and what needs we see.

Late night fried eggs on toast while watching Survivor with Dave was a FAVE of mine...

... as was watching these two work through some drumline practice.

This randomly came across my FB feed and it made me laugh way too hard.  We watched King of the Hill years ago and I forgot how funny it was (we're also watching Parks and Rec and this totally reminded me of Ron Swanson).

Cover your assets has been a FAVORITE pre-bedtime game...

... and G and I are matching in one of our FAVORITE colors.

This also came across my feed and made me laugh REAL hard...

... and this dress is STILL a FAVORITE.

If you're looking for a random meal idea for next week - this is one of our FAVORITES. Smoked turkey sausage, "mason macaroni" and brussel sprouts sautéed in olive oil and then covered in honey and balsamic glaze.

The boys had a Fall band mini-concert this week which was a FAVORITE...

Love getting to watch them do their thing! ;)

My FAVORITE denim top came in  this super pretty lilac color (it' more lilac in person) and I love it so much!

This sweet little scene was a FAVORITE...

... and after outgrowing all her boots I reordered G her  FAVORITES and officially can't wait for chilly weather ;)

Last, but not least - one of my FAVORITE people ever just launched  a collection of the sweetest and daintiest necklaces with Victoria Emerson and they couldn't be prettier!

I got the A and the cross and am ordering the G for Griffin and the star for myself ;)  Her whole collection is buy one get one free right now and would make a really sweet gift for friends, sisters, moms, daughters, etc.  There are tons of length options on the chain which makes them perfect for layering and I've always been impressed with the quality of Victoria Emerson pieces.

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. I would love a recipe for the brussel sprouts sautéed in olive oil and then covered in honey and balsamic glaze...looks yummy!

  2. Awwwwwwwww! How adorable are YOU in those cute necklaces?! When I wear my A, from now on, it will stand for Andrea. Move over Andrew and Ashby :)


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