Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Day in the Life - Sunday

 When I put up a question box on IG last week I had a couple of requests to show a Sunday "Day in the Life" and so that's exactly what I'm going to do! 

This past Sunday I was up and at 'em pre-8am and hopped in the shower really quick...

... and was pretty much ready to go about 40 minutes later.  Luke was with a friend this weekend so Dave got Mason and Griffin up and they got themselves dressed and ready....

... and after some hair-curling were just about ready to head out the door for church.


I LOVE strawberry jam and butter on sourdough toast and had to settle for some regular ol' white bread on the way to church but, honestly, it was still delish ;) hahaha

We were somehow a few minutes late but Mason made his way to youth and Griffin got herself signed into her Sunday School class...

... and Dave and I settled into our class for the hour before the service started.

Sunday school ended and we grabbed Griffin and headed into the sancauary.  Mason sits with his friends which is both sweet and kind of depressing. hahahaha

Church ended and we ran by the grocery store really quick to grab our favorite corn bread (we were having chili for dinner)...

... and I ended up finding a few Halloween ornaments to add to our tree..

... and OF COURSE these two had to try on some accessories while we were waiting to check out ;)

Quick walk through the pumpkin patch...

... and we were home for the afternoon.  One of the things on my to-do-list was to have Griffin try on her outfit for the Christmas pictures we're doing next weekend just to make sure everything fit.  I was worried I'd have to order something and wanted to make sure I gave myself enough time ;)  Saturdays are typically pretty busy with activities and so on Sundays I work my way through a sometimes-hefty to-do-list in order to get myself ready for the week ahead.

COMFIES (and laundry) forever!


Dave was heading out to work around 1:00 and the kids and I were ready to cozy up for a rainy afternoon at home so I got all the lamps and candles going...

... and we sat down for some lunch.  Most Sunday afternoons we do "fridge cleanout" and it's pretty much whatever is in the fridge and it's every man for himself ;) I had some leftover chicken pesto pizza and the kids had meatloaf and homemade mac and cheese.

We ate and chatted a bit and then the kids went upstairs to pick up their rooms a bit and I got some prep done for the week...

... while listening to The Knockoff.

I got Meatloaf fed...

... took Rosie out for a quick walk while the rain paused...

... and got chili in the crockpot for dinner.

Mason and G decided to watch a movie and I was wrapping up a few things in the kitchen...

... when Luke got home! 

He and I caught up real quick but then he jumped on x-box with Mason ;) after dumping his entire duffel bag into the washer.

I started the laundry, picked up a bit, did some dishes and had a leftover pumpkin cream pie to get me motivated to get some grading done.

The boys got started on a bit of homework...

... Dave got home and I finished getting dinner ready.

My dad came over to eat and watch the Cowboys game...

... and we had to play a couple rounds of Cover Your Assets while he was here.

Dinner and games and everyone snuggled up watching some football.

I switched from tea to water and worked on entering grades...

... before heading up to say goodnight to these cuties who were reading.

Back for a bit more computer work including working on some blog posts for the week.

... and making sure all my lesson plans were ready to go for Monday.  I packed up my school bag...

... got ready for bed...

... and read a few chapters before calling it a night.

NOTHING better than a rainy Sunday at home! 

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Looks like a fun-filled day! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I always love a day in the life post! Sounds like the perfect day and I love that your dad came over to eat and watch the game with you all. I have a question- what is hanging from your phone? Is it a strap? I love things like that!

  3. Ok what are those delicious looking tiny breakfast bites

  4. Looks like the best Sunday! I don't mind "chores at home Sundays," but I hate busy Sundays so this looks awesome!

  5. Would LOVE the recipe for the sausage muffins and chili!


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