Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Whats up Wednesdsay

      Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

I've made Southwest bowls TWICE in the past couple of weeks because they're so dang good.  I love taking them to school for lunch and don't think I'll ever get tired of eating them.

Homecoming is in a couple of weeks and it always has me reminiscing about when Dave and I started dating TWENTY THREE YEARS AGO.  Twenty three years, y'all.  I was a 15-year-old sophomore and Dave was 16 and a junior and we met in marching band.  It's all history from there :) 

The picture below was on Senior night about a year after we started dating.

I found  this cute "cosmetic bag" on Amazon for $12 and am LOVING the sweet little patches.  I think G will probably use it as a pencil/little things pouch for school.  The price point seemed great for what it appears to be and I'll keep you posted on what it actually looks like when it comes in.  It would be a GREAT little birthday party gift as well!

some of us have been catching some zzzzzs whenever and wherever we can ;)

ALLLLLL the Homecoming details!  I'm in charge of student activities for Middle School and am SO PUMPED about the "after party" (after the football game) because I just secured the headphones to do a silent disco! I think they're going to LOVE IT!

We FINALLY finished  this 2000 piece puzzle and I'm SO EXCITED to have the table cleaned off ;) hahahaha

This past weekend we watched The Sound of Music (Griffin's FAVE!) and you can see how much Luke enjoyed it ;)

This is the song I used on my "summer recap" video and I can't stop listening to it...

We also can't stop listening to this one :) hahahaha

I'm not currently wearing  these pjs but I hope to be really soon ;). The moonlight pjs are THE BEST and I'm particular about them because I don't like the long sleeve shirts.  I thought this pattern was DARLING and I LOVE the short sleeves!

Getting my life together! hahaha. I say this every weekend but this weekend I really mean it ;). And doing that in between the first home football game, a birthday party, a draft party, a cross country event, etc.  WISH ME LUCK!!!

I'm PRAYING that we get a cool morning or two next month. Just a little crispness in the air before school and after dinner would do me a world of good!

We have a brand NEW band member in our house!  Mason started euphonium and he's loving it!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. It's almost fall, friend! Let hoodie season begin!!!!

  2. Would you be willing to share the vendor you used for the silent disco headphones? I'm local and my daughter wants to do a silent disco for her birthday in the winter. We all joined in one during our cruise this summer and we are hooked!

  3. Could you put the southwest bowls on your Pinterest tried and true recipes page? I am having a hard time saving it and I definitely want to try that aioli! Thank you


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