Friday, July 29, 2022

Friday Favorites

   Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us every week.  Make sure that you're grabbing our graphic, linking back to us and sharing your own Friday Favorites post ;)

Y'all know drumline is one of our very FAVORITE things ever and there was a DCI competition in McKinney on Tuesday so when we heard there was going to be a drumline showcase put on my one of the groups we had to go check it out. 

The event was SO GOOD but clearly listening to a drumline inside of a metal building when it was well over 100 degrees outside was NOT Griffin's FAVE ;) hahahaha

Dippin' dots though were a favorite ;) 

This steak taco recipe has been a FAVORITE...

... I love that the "marinade" only takes 30 minutes and the meat comes out great every single time.  I'm planning on making  southwest bowls next week and using this steak instead of chicken and seeing how it goes.

We've been working on one of our FAVORITE puzzles this week.  It's a DOOZY and we're nowhere near done but that means I'll get to finish it on my own next week when they're all at camp ;)

This is the one we're doing if you're into puzzles - it's a really fun one and HUGE!

Y'all know that most of my FAVORITE dresses are Free People and I think I may have found  another great one!  I LOVE a midi length (great with so many shoe options) and am always on the hunt for dresses with sleeves so I don't feel like I need to wear a jacket with them at work.  Isn't it darling???

It also comes in  this great purple color - I ordered both and will keep you posted on which (if either!) I end up keeping.  I have several chambray dresses already so I'm hoping the purple is as pretty in person as it is online because I would love to add that color to my wardrobe.

I had no clue that my boys had never been to Cracker Barrel?!?!   Apparently it came up in conversation while.G and I were at Frozen and so Dave took them for "guys dinner" and they have a new FAVORITE restaurant ;) hahahaha

School supplies are one of my FAVORITE THINGS EVER and this recommendation from a teacher/mama friend is one of my new FAVORITE things...

One of the biggest hurdles for kids going from elementary to middle school can be the organizational challenges... nobody is telling them which folder and where to put things, they have 6+ teachers, etc.  She recommended  this as a homework folder and that's how Mason's planning on using it.  This will stay with him in his backpack and is where he'll put homework that he receives that needs to be completed as well as homework that's completed that he needs to turn in.  Hopefully having one "hub" for everything will help him stay organized and feel like he has a handle on homework!  (I also ordered him  this one that has 6 dividers since he has 6 classes - we'll see which one he decides to keep!)

Last, but not least - this crew is one of my very FAVORITES!  Can't believe they're all about to be in middle school!!!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. That's one big puzzle! I'm currently working on a 1000 one by the same brand and it's hard!

  2. Could you please add a link for the folders? My son needs this ASAP! :)

  3. Are you going to wear the purple dress the same as the model???

    On a serious note, the organizer is a fabulous way for older elementary & middle schoolers to stay organized. Also, if a teacher requires paper, the good 3-ring binders from Staples with pocket dividers is also a great way for a student to stay organized. All class materials in one big binder.

  4. We eat at Cracker Barrel anytime we are going on a roadtrip since it's one of my husband's all time favorites... but it was only on our most recent trip just a few weeks ago that we learned that ALL Cracker Barrels have complimentary biscuits while waiting. Our waitress offered to bring some over and they were amazing; which then got us Googling about them since none of Cracker Barrels up north seemed to have them. Turns out it's supposedly a secret and you normally have to ask for them!


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