Monday, July 11, 2022

Day in the Life - Summer Edition

I shared a Day in the Life on IG earlier this summer but it ended up being a busier day that I initially thought it would be with appointments and kid activities so today I'm sharing a day where we had nothing "official" on the agenda other than early morning cross country practice for the boys.

The boys had to be there before 7:30 and Dave took them (PRAISE HANDS!!!) so I could have a bit more time to sleep. 

Griffin had woken up EARLY due to a bad dream and was snoozing in my bed with me (my FAVORITE!)...

... so I laid in bed and did important things like check out the Nordstrom sale (spoiler alert I bought two of these shirts which are one of my all time FAVORITE things and  shoes for Luke - so exciting! hahaha)

I finally got out of bed when I realized I was going to have to go grab the boys and the situation was looking a little bleak ;) hahaha. Good thing my summer makeup routine is no routine and so I brushed my teeth, threw on  a suuuuper easy (and comfy) dress, took my hair out of my scrunchie and was ready to walk out the door....

... 3 minutes later.

I grabbed an Amazon package off my porch (can't wait to read  The Paper Palace and  Malibu Rising on our trip to CO this week!)...

... and hopped in the car to get the boys from cross country.

HOME with a couple of sweaty boys ;)

The boys hopped in the pool to swim and brush the sides (we've been having algae issues - boo!)

... and I made myself some breakfast and sat down to kind of map out my day.

Done!  I try to make a list every day - but don't put too much pressure on myself and will often roll things over to the next day if I don't get them done.

Boys came in, G finally woke up and I decided to fold a load of laundry from earlier that morning and one from the day before that I hadn't had a chance to fold.

A little folding, a little breakfast for the boys and some Guinness book of world records ;)

Kids took their laundry up and I brought mine and Dave's to our room and started the "let's get out the door" hustle (cup of water, making super everyone has their shoes actually on their feet, etc)

We had a few errands to run but my parents were having a dead tree removed from the front yard of their old house (they've been renting it out) and we had to stop by and see my dad (he was there with a trailer for the wood) and check it out.  We hung out for a few minutes and watched them actually bring down this last big section which was cool/sad.

First stop was Lowes to pick up some peat moss and river rock for our box turtle enclosure.  I've been putting this off because I didn't want to lift the bags myself ;) hahahaha

Next stop was Hobby Lobby to find a few last minute camp theme night accessories (bandanas mainly)...

... and can you even believe that FALL IS OUT at Hobby Lobby?!?!?!

Next stop - Petco to grab Superworms and calcium powder #reptilelife

Last stop - Costco.  

... including hot dogs for the kids because EASY ;)

We swung back by my parents house on the way home to check out the stump grinding...

... and to bring Haha a hot dog and tea ;)

HOME and time to unload.  Listen - I miss the cute baby/toddler phase as much as the next person BUT there's something to be said about doing errands where nobody throws a fit, your kids can lift 75 lb bags of dirt for you and then they can unload and put away your purchases... all for the low low price of a Costco hotdog ;) 

TEVAs came!!! We had picked up Tevas at DSW a couple of days earlier but they didn't have Mason's size.  He was so pumped that they were here!

MORE LAUNDRY because there ain't no laundry like summer laundry. 

The kids helped put things away, did a few pet chores (changing water, etc) and ate some fruit to compliment their nutritious car lunch and then my dad stopped by for a bit since the tree was down and done.  Nothing better than some tea and cookies with your dad!

We chatted for a good long while and then he headed out I heated up some leftover  Tuscan chicken pasta.

I sat down to cross a few things off my to-do-list and start uploading pics for my Friday Favorites post.  I'm rewatching Sweet Magnolias and snuck in an episode of that at the same time.

The kids had been on screens since about 1:30 or so (boys were playing xbox with friends and G was playing games on her ipad and watching a movie) and I worked for a bit and then they were off screens around 3:15.  They hung out upstairs for "quiet time" (yes, they're old and we still call it that) where they could read, play in their rooms, play a game with each other, etc.  I really don't know that they did up there because I try not to interfere ;). They had about an hour up there and then they came down and we played a few rounds of Babushka (Durak) and  then I got the kids started on a fun art project...

... and made myself another cup of tea while I checked over my list for the day.

Still going strong with a cheez-it snack...

... so I got Meatloaf soaked...

... and fed...

... and decided to tackle my hot mess of a bedroom.  I'm pretty good at keeping the main areas of my house pretty tidy but sometimes our bedroom/bathroom takes the brunt of "life" ;)

It really didn't take long to get things in order and I stand by the statement that theres NOTHING better than getting into a made bed at the end of the day.  

The kids were still working and I started pulling things out for dinner (Dave had been home for a few mins at this point)...

... and for the next little while it was art clean-up, dinner prep, dog walk, etc. 

We had tacos for dinner...

... and then headed out back to water plants...

... work a bit on the turtle enclosure...

... and SWIM!

The kids and Dave were all swimming and I came in to tackle the bathroom.  Nothing dirty but just a bunch of stuff out of place.  I'd like to blame my kids or Dave but this is all me.  Ooops.

I showered off, washed my face, sprayed my hair with a good amount of dry shampoo and got everything put away and wiped down.

Look at how glamorous I look taking dirty laundry to the washer mid-clean.  #sarcasmfont 

For real though - this muslin robe is one of my favorite purchases EVER.  It's warm, but not hot, gets softer every time I wash it and I LOVE the color.

Everyone else was still outside so I snuck in some quiet time...

... before everyone was back in for showers and bedtime snacks (BOYS!!!) and a little minion movie in my bed for G while Dave showered and I wrapped up my Friday Favorites post.

It was probably 10:30 when Griffin went to bed and Dave and I watched an episode or two of Only Murders in the Building (SO GOOD!) before heading to bed ourselves. 

And there you have it!  A day of not a whole lot but still getting things done. 

Hope you enjoyed following along!!!


  1. Not only was that a FULL (productive) day, I know it takes a lot of time to document it too. Sounds like you're having a great summer and will be ready for CO this week!!! Have fun :)

  2. Mason and I have always had such a's pic just 100% sealed the deal ;) .

  3. What a productive day! I love that robe. Do you mind checking the link? It is not working. Thank you!!

  4. Day in the Life posts are my favorite!! Sounds like a fun day!

    (FYI - The muslin robe link brings me to your Tuscan chicken recipe.)

  5. Yes, kids who can actually help unload the car is great. BUT...a driving kid paired with grocery pickup is FABULOUS for a homebody Mom. {ALL THE PRAISE HANDS}

  6. Do you have a recipe for your flank steak tacos?


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