Tuesday, July 26, 2022

All things B2S ;)

 Today I thought I'd share some of our Back-to-school FAVORITES in case your crew is getting ready to head back like mine is!

Both my boys got  this backpack last year and they still look great!  I will buy North Face bags all day every day because THEY HOLD UP!!!

Griffin picked out  this sunset backpack and she literally can't wait to get back to school and use it ;) 

I got all of my kids one of  these Stanley ice flow cups for school this year and got G  this colorway to coordinate with her backpack and IT IS SO CUTE!

They've had hydroflasks with the paracord handles in years past but I LOVED that the stanleys had the sturdier handle.

Here's a picture showing how big they are compared to the Stanley Quencher cup (far left) and the regular hydroflask bottles (far right).  I ordered  these name stickers and they were super simple to put on.  Griffin's is a white glitter and Mason's is plain white. 

Mason and Luke are still planning on using  these washable lunchbags for the third year in a row. They're HUGE on the inside and hold a bunch and they're WASHABLE!  Griffin had the rainbow one on the right and hers hasn't held up as well due to the light color (her class went to recess after lunch and her lunch bag got tossed on the ground daily and it was just a disaster at the end of the year even with washing).  They're really great but I'd consider getting a darker colored one if you're looking at them and your kid is rough on things.

I mean - look at all that space!!!  They're not insulated but with an ice pack thrown in there they're perfectly fine until lunch.

My kids LOVE leftovers for lunch and so a thermos is an essential.  G's is super similar to  THIS ONE...

and my boys both have ones similar to  these.

If you're looking for some ideas of what to pack in lunches you can check out  this post I wrote a couple of years ago...

I LOVE a lunchbox note and while one of my kids is EXTRA vocal about how much they love them, I've also found them stashed in the other's lunchboxes so I know they don't immediately throw them away :). 

Here are a few other favorites that I've used as well...


As far as back-to-school shoes go I got  these for Luke...

I'm not sure how great the glitter is going to hold up for daily wear so I also have my eyes on these...

and last but not least  LABELS!!!  I label ALLLLLL  the things (especially since my kids wear the exact same things to school as every other kid - hahaha) and you can write on them with Sharpie, stick them onto clothing or notebooks or water bottles and they last through the dishwasher and washing machine.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. I am going to get the labels to label my student's headphones/earbuds, and portable mice as I never know exactly whos is whos.

  2. I'm just going to go ahead and order everything on your list... :)

  3. PERFECT timing on this post! YAY! I've been using those labels forever after your recommendation years ago. So perfect! I'm loving the Stanley water bottles and have been considering one for my son. My question, though, is how heavy are they? Like, is it going to weigh the backpack down? LOL

  4. Working adult with no kids in school yet, but I still love back to school time! Makes me wanna buy new things!!


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