Monday, June 13, 2022

Patriotic Decor

HAPPY Monday, friends!!! I know that Fourth of July is still a ways away BUT I love red, white and blue all summer long and this past weekend I decided to get out a few little touches to bring some festive summer fun to the house.

I added a big bunch of flags in a glass vase and a metal firecracker I've had for years and years to the console table....

... and a fabric bunting to the mantle. 

The little kitchen desk got a quick little makeover...

... I set out  some napkins with one of my favorite craft projects of all time :)

I put a few dishes and things in the glass cabinets...

... and thought it turned out cute!

I usually have a stack of random dessert plates on this tray and I just switched them out for these melamine ones I picked up at Homegoods...

IN LOVE with the cute floral pattern.

A couple of  blue/white kitchen towels...

... some pretty bowls...

... and another firecracker on the the table.

And that's it!  We'll put a bunch of little American flags outside in the plants later this month but I'm loving the festive little touches. 

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

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  1. Is it parade time yet?! This post makes me so excited to stand on the corner and watch the floats go by with you guys!

  2. I'm a sucker for kitchen towels, and those are SO CUTE!!!! (If this is a double comment, sorry! I was trying to fix my spelling of "towels" on the first comment, and I accidentally hit publish.)

  3. Such lovely patriotic touches throughout the house!

  4. How is your prayer plant so perfect! Any tips?


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