Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Weekend Happies

Hey hey, friends!!!  It was a busy and fun weekend around here - lots going on and just lots to be happy about. 

Friday was recital day which is always a super fun and exciting one.  We were talking about how with sports you have "performances" weekly at games or tournaments and dance for G (since she doesn't do competitive dance) is more of a one and done kind of deal which makes it a big deal!

She had pictures and rehearsals at the studio Friday morning/afternoon - she loved every minute of it!!!

Realized we didn't have any red lipstick on the way to the studio so a quick pitstop was in order...

Had to get a snack in there ;)

Later that evening dressed and ready for the big show!

The sweetest friends! :)

Her ballet number was PRECIOUS and then she switched gears for acro...

After the recital we headed to dinner with my parents...

... and then grabbed some dessert and hung out on the square a bit.

AND MET LOUIE the most precious bassett hound puppy of all time ;)

Other happies from the weekend included rainbow looming...

... resting...

... and getting a few pics of Luke from camp (I taught Mason (and his big brother) and it's crazy how old they all are now!)

The cross country coach's wife is one of our FAVORITE MCA teachers ever (the famous Mrs. McKeller) and she often goes to practices and snaps the best pics.  Look at my little cutie out there on Friday putting in work! Made my heart happy!

This pic made me happy...

... and so did a lot of quality time with friends :)

And a few gorgeous sunsets, too. 

Last, but not least - red, white and blue outfits always bring a smile to my face and when Mason and G came downstairs in these outfits on Sunday...

I knew we HAD to try and recreate this photo...

We had some outtakes...

And then they nailed it ;) hahaha

I hope your weekends were full of things that made y'all happy as well!  HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. I love all of G's pictures from the recital! Her costumes were gorgeous! Those recreated pics are always a fave. Glad ya'll had a great weekend!!

  2. Did I just think of you recreating that mirror pic from G's recital with her BFF at prom or their weddings? Yes, yes I did. It's so sweet!

  3. Are the boys on either side of your son in the pool picture twin brothers? Noticed them in other pictures you've shown & have always wondered. Thanks.

  4. It looks like a fabulous weekend and I am loving those recital photos!


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