Monday, April 11, 2022

Weekend Happies

Sharing a few things from the weekend that made me extra happy like THIS PHOTO OF GRIFFIN WITH PIGLETS!!!  I didnt' know I needed this scene but I did... the teeny tiny piglets, G's pigtails, the sweet little dress and the NOSE TOUCH! AHHHH!!!

This golf selfie made me smile...

... and a super fun impromptu trip to an art festival downtown made me SO HAPPY!!!

Perfect weather, LOTS to see, a few treasures found and some solo time with G while the boys spent the night with my parents.

A couple of sleepy girls put a smile on my face...

... as did some random sparklers on a Friday night ;)

There is NOTHING better than a caramel sundae from McDonalds - NOTHING!

And a trip to the garden center to grab some plants made both of us HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! I'm a teeny bit overwhelmed by the amount of yard work to be done but I'm PUMPED to get some things pulled together.

Mason was Student of the Day on Friday and his poster made me smile BIG - between his love for Kenny G and naming Luke as his hero I WAS DONE FOR.

A Mexican food patio lunch date made me extra HAPPY...

... and everyone snuggled up for an outdoor movie was an extra big happy.

Here's hoping that y'all had a weekend full of things that put a smile on your faces - HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. It looks like I'm able to comment again! Yay!!!! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. I love that Griffin got right down on the ground with the piglets! Looks like a perfect weekend.

  3. Love the "smell here" on the bottom of Mason's poster. I'm guessing her used scented Mr. Sketch markers. Too cute!

  4. awwwww! This whole post made me HAPPY!

  5. I had a vanilla cone from DQ this weekend and it made my day! So good!

  6. Anything outdoors this time of year makes me very happy! Love all of yours!

  7. Excellent weekend! You and Dave are a cute couple.

  8. What a great weekend! And, yes, I agree that McD's has the BEST ice cream :)

  9. This looks like such a fabulous weekend!

  10. Your family time always sparks so much joy happiness!!!!

  11. Your family time always sparks so much joy happiness!!!!


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