Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Teacher Gifts

  Today I'm sharing gift ideas for teachers.  I get this question A LOT in the Spring with teacher appreciation weeks and the school year wrapping up.  I'm trying to be a bit ahead of the game since typically by the time I get around to posting this it's like a week before school is out ;)


My favorite teacher gift to give and receive.  $5 to Sonic or Starbucks... A Baskin Robins gift card to take their kids out for ice cream or a Cinemark card to check out a movie with their kids over break.  Write a note, pop the card in the envelope and call it a day!  I know gift cards get a bad wrap for being impersonal but I think if you pick a place that you know a teacher loves or write a note about enjoying a meal with their family it can make it super personal and special.  

If you have a middle or high school student and are overwhelmed with your student having a LOT of teachers you could always find a few other parents in the same boat as you and pool your gifts together to get one gift card for each teacher.  

I use my  O-Ring every day and keep my teacher ID and key card in the  ID holder on the ring.  It makes my keys easily accessible (and identifiable if I leave them somewhere!) and the silicone are my favorite option for school because I can wipe them down with disinfectant.  

I've sung the praises of my Stanley cup for months now and it's lived up to every bit of hype.  I love how big it is.  I love the handle.  I love that it keeps ice frozen for a full day.  We gave these to Mason and G's teachers at Christmas and they loved them!

I've professed my love for BOGG Bags repeatedly and today is no different.  I'm linking them  HERE on Amazon but your best bet is to follow them on IG and see if they do a sale.  Last year I was able to grab the smaller size bag (Baby Bogg) for all of my kids teachers for about $25 each!

Listen, y'all.  Teachers. Love. Flair. Pens.  
This pack is almost 60% off right now and would be perfect with a thank you note and/or gift card!

I got this mug last year and it's so much fun!  Would be cute filled with the flair pens and/or some reeses ;)

One of these Tervis tumblers would be so cute with a case of their favorite sparkling water or soda with a not about "staying cool" this summer.

This one is precious, too!

If your childs teacher is a cat or dog lover HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!?!?!

These pretty notebooks are my personal teacher dream ;)  I keep A LOT of lists and love these smaller lined journals.

This is a bigger gift BUT if you're going in with other families or if your budget allows and you want to give something extra special  a saranoni blanket would be a HUGE hit!  

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. The link to the flair pens links to the bogg bag

  2. The link for the flair pens takes you to the bogg bag

  3. No coffee mugs, please! As a teacher for 27 years, I have so many mugs I could start my own store! LOL


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