Thursday, April 14, 2022

Amazon Lately

Happy Thursday, friends!  I have a few fun Amazon finds for y'all today!

Watering season is back and I ordered two of these watering cans for the front and back yards and all the plants I've been getting in pots around here.

Somehow all of our scissors fell apart at the exact same time so I ordered a couple packs of these scissors and they're GREAT!

Okay - on to camping gear ;) hahaha  A phrase I never thought I'd be uttering!

I ordrered this giant duffel to consolidate my packing - it held EVERYTHING I brought including water bottles, sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, etc.  It was PERFECT and under $50.

I had to order  a mess kit and this one was great....

... and I ordered this Dolly shirt  for no reason other than it was cute...

.... and paired well ;) with these these cute socks. hahahaha

This is the mattress that I used in my tent and it was GLORIOUS!!!  All you do is unscrew the caps and leave it for an hour or so to inflate... then blow a few breaths into it to finish it off and it was GREAT!  I liked that I could kneel on it and my knees didn't hit the ground - it has a foam layer and I really did sleep great.  It was pricey BUT I figured I'd rather have something I could use every year AND my kids have actually had it out upstairs in the game room for a movie night sleepover and it was great for that as well so I like that it will get used beyond camping.

I also ordered these wipes because NO SHOWERS for a week and y'all... they did the trick.  They smelled fresh but not "scented" which was important because when you're out amongst the critters you don't want to be smelling like a food item ;)  

I LOVE having a great smelling classroom and decided to pick up this fragrance oil and  diffuser to keep things "fresh" as temps warm up ;)  I don't find it to be as strong as a candle BUT I don't have to go back up to my classroom after hours to make sure I blew it out and it cuts through the middle school smell just fine.

I ordered  this book to stick in Mason's Easter basket...

... and  this koala for Griffin's.  She is loving ALL THINGS KOALA and I'm always a sucker for a jellycat plush. 

HAPPY Thursday and happy priming, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


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