Monday, March 28, 2022

Three Things

Today I'm kicking off the week by sharing three things - this weekend was a little hectic and I didn't have time to grab cute pics of the kids so I'm sharing some that accurately depict the activity level ;) hahaha

Luke recently competed in Math Olympics and won 1st place in his category!  This is his second year in a row to place first and this math teacher couldn't be more proud.  Pressure's on to keep his middle school streak alive next year! ;)

Luke played in his first golf tournament of the season last week and while he didn't score what he would have liked he had fun, learned some things and has been working hard getting ready for his next one (which will be his first ever 18-hole tournament!) 

- 5'6 -
Luke had a doctor's appointment recently and y'all... he's 5'6!!!  This time last year he wasn't even five feet so he's grown just a tad ;)

Mason is in his LAST QUARTER of elementary school and I really can't believe it.  We missed out on Luke's last quarter of 5th grade so I'm excited to get to watch him have some of these "last" experiences.

The science fair wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and the coolest part was hearing Mason talk about how he was totally intimidated by the project and process but how his teacher really walked them through it and then hearing him talk about how accomplished he felt for doing it.  That's what it's all about!

Mason has been going to some after school conditioning/track stuff (I really don't know) but I know that they've been working on running and their "verticals" (y'all - this is out of my wheelhouse) and he's really been enjoying it.  He'll start performance course in the summer and I think it's going to be right up his alley!

Griffin is late to the teeth party and then once she FINALLY lost her two front teeth it felt like she was never going to get the permanent ones and well... they're coming in and they couldn't be cuter! I still can't believe how much "big kid teeth" change their faces but just when I thought she couldn't get cuter SHE DID!

Griffin has been working hard on memorizing and reciting a poem for the ACSI poetry competition.  It's still a virtual competition and while I hate that the kids don't get to experience public speaking in front of judges and their peers I'm grateful for the time she's spent working with her teachers on the speaking portion.

The other day Griffin was talking about her hip hop class from last year and how much she missed it (the way the class schedules worked this year she couldn't take it and still do volleyball) and I said "hopefully it'll work with our schedule next week and you can take the class again" and she goes, "Mom... if it doesn't it's okay because it's in my soul" hahahahaha

Spring is springing and Rosie is having NONE OF IT!  Lots of new daffodils are popping up all over our neighborhood and Rosie is SCARED. hahaha. If you need someone to protect you from some spring blooms she's your girl!

If you're looking for Jelly Bean between now and triple digit temps she's more than likely lounging in a sunny spot on our driveway.... occasionally she'll make her way to the bottom of the driveway to roll around in a dust pile but in general she's soaking up some Vitamin D out front.

Dave and I are HUGE fans of The Office and have watched it through multiple times but we've recently started watching Parks and Rec again and OH MY WORD I had forgotten how funny it is!!!  We love every character and were actually wheeze-laughing so hard the other night watching it.

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Parks and Rec is my go to feel good show! Happy week!

  2. Have you watch Abbott Elementary? It is along the same lines as The Office and Parks and Rec, but about a school. Pretty funny!

  3. These sleeping pictures are adorable!!

  4. Abbott Elementary is just like The Office but based in a school. So good!


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