Friday, March 18, 2022

Friday Favorites

 Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us every week.  Make sure that you're grabbing our graphic, linking back to us and sharing your own Friday Favorites post ;)

First up on my list is the newest member of our family - MEATLOAF the Russian tortoise!  Isn't he PRECIOUS?!?!?!

A couple of weekends ago neighbors of ours asked if we were interested in adopting him since they'd had him for 7 years and their son wasn't interested in keeping him and you KNOW I couldn't say no to that.  They took him from a friend years ago and we really don't know his story before that but he's adjusting nicely and we're hoping to get him in an outside enclosure this spring.

As soon as we got him I could tell that his beak was overgrown so we got him in to a local exotic/avian vet who fixed him up and he's been eating like a champ since.  Isn't he so handsome?!?!?!

I can't get this picture to turn the right way but  LOOK HOW SWEET these Spring clothes are!  Griffin's FAVORITE jeans are these and when I went into the store to grab them I couldn't resist a few other things as well.

This cutie home from church was a FAVORITE...

I took some of my overwhelmed-ness out on my fridge last weekend and overhauled it with some containers from Homegoods.  Still feeling a little overwhelmed by my to-do-list but my fridge looks awesome so I'm counting it as a win ;)

Dave brought my FAVORITE salad by school on Monday which is one of a million reasons he's my FAVORITE.

My FAVORITE 5th grader dressed up as President Taft for his presidential research presentation ;)

And this picture came up earlier this week while I was looking for something and OH MY WORD it's a forever FAVE.  Can't believe this girl is about to be a FOURTH GRADER!

Nights out here putting and chipping have been a FAVORITE (the leaves blowing down after a big storm are NOT a favorite)...

... and speaking of storms these mammatus clouds from Monday night were a fave!

We didn't really do anything special for St. Patrick's Day BUT I do have a few little fun pieces I pull out in between Valentine's Day and St. Paddys...

These little cuties made out spun cotton and vintage elements are my FAVORITES...

We did make a leprechaun trap and Mason set a special table using some of the items in our St. Patricks Box from Big Memories Little Details...

Last, but not least - Mason finished up his science fair project...

... and seeing how proud he was of it was a FAVORITE for sure!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!


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  1. I'm telling my husband about the turtle's overgrown beak & he won't even look at the pics!!! He looks so much better, shiny, & happy! I'm so happy for him. :)

  2. Can we see a photo of the fridge? I am always looking for organization ideas in there. Your new family member is so cute! 4th grade-- that's exciting! Here in our schools 4th grade is the the end of elementary school but I know in other districts they don't begin middle school until 5th grade.


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