Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Day In The Life: Spring Break Edition

Today I'm sharing what we were up to last week during Spring Break - TAKE ME BACK!!! ;) hahaha

I was up around 7:30 a.m. when our early riser crawled into our bed for some snuggles.  My boys sleep in WELL past 7 but Griffin has always been our early riser.

I hopped in the shower...

 and then my Walmart delivery order from the night before was delivered...

.... Dave left for work and the boys made their way downstairs for an episode of Saved by the Bell ;)

I got bacon in the oven, cleaned up the kitchen a bit and sat down for breakfast with the kids just after 9:00.

After breakfast for us it was breakfast time for the animals including Chips and Queso...

The kids went upstairs to play and I took myself to the bathroom to get my half air dried hair under control

... had to pause to wrestle this toothpaste from G's bathroom out of Rosie's mouth.  In trouble and made her lay right next to me while I wrapped it up.

Laundry time...

... ran upstairs to see if anyone had towels or clothes to wash and found this happening...

... and when I came down the troublemaker had made herself comfy ;)

I got the laundry started and took advantage of the occupied kids to do my Bible Recap.

After that we all headed out for a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs and a fun package was waiting on the porch when we got back.  LOOK HOW FUN!!!

Kids were in charge of their own lunches - "fridge cleanout" was the name of the game... leftovers, sandwiches, etc.

I decided to try out the new mop...

... and OH MY WORD we have been living in filth apparently.  This was after one pass in the front hall.  SO GROSS but SO GOOD!

After lunch and mopping I helped mason get started on his science fair display. He's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like this (less creative things) and needed some assistance to get the borders straight.

The kids went back upstairs to play and I sat down at the table with a mug of leftover soup and my laptop to work on a couple of blog posts.

Jelly Bean had a checkup at the vet and when I gave the option of coming with me or staying home all three kids opted in ;)

If you ride in a vehicle with my boys they BETTER open the door for you! ;)

Jelly Bean got an A+ at her checkup...

... and we were back home in time for her to lounge in the sun like the lady she is.

The vet didn't take long so I made a quick errand list...

... and got this crew settled in with some books...

... and I placed my Starbucks mobile order and headed out ;)

My "hack" is to order without ice and then get a cup of ice to pour it over.  It's usually at least twice as much.  

Starbucks was on the way to pickup a few photos that Mason needed for his project board...

... and then I hit up Kroger for a couple of things I needed for dinner.

Ferns were on sale - whoops ;)

When I got home reading time had turned into cat nap time...

... Luke headed upstairs to play X-Box for a bit, Dave was headed home from work and I got meatballs going while listening to an audiobook.

Dave got home a little before 6:00 and he had the task of waking up the two sleeping kids - hahaha

We sat down for dinner...

... then cleaned up and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.

When we got back it was a shuffle of showers and games...

and then my laptop and giant water joined G in my bed for a movie...

... and a little blog work for me ;)

Mid-movie popcorn delivery (G and I in bed and the boys on the couch watching Lord of the Rings) ;)

We snacked and watched the movie and while my intention was to get my computer back out and wrap up a few things I crashed and Dave ended up finding us both asleep by the time the boys movie was over. 

So there you go! GOSH I can't wait for summer!!!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!


  1. You know I'm here for posts like this...I'm also still chuckling over yesterday's text from you. ;)

  2. What a fun Day in the Life. Truly. So quiet and lots of family time - perfect!!!

  3. Loved Rosie and the toothpaste!

  4. Looks like a perfect day!!!! What kind of salad is that with your dinner??

  5. I love that y'all have taught your boys to open doors for people. My husband always opens my door and after 30 years together I still love it. We taught our son the same thing. The sweetest is when I see them hurry to open it for older people.

    I order my sweet tea from Chick Fil A with no ice all the time. You get so much more to drink and I always just pour it in to my Yeti that is already full of ice.

  6. I think that was the first time I've seen Jelly Bean. I love her lounging pose. I missed seeing Jack in your photos. Do you ever wonder how you get so much done on days that you work? You really go, go, go and get a lot done:)


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