Monday, March 14, 2022

7 Questions


I use a "journal the word" Bible - I love that it's single column and has larger margins for notes.  It comes in all kinds of bindings and several translations.  

Sweetest compliment! We both see Jessica at The Collaboration Room downtown McKinney.

Yes! Isn't that the craziest coincidence?  They met in Kindergarten and G-squared has been pretty much inseparable since then :) 

We didn't know each other before their family joined MCA and it's so funny because I think they may just be the only two girl "Griffins" ever and they somehow ended up in the same grade at the same small school. 

"The Griffins" are the sweetest little friends and we love her parents too... I mean, they have great taste, right? ;)

On an everyday basis I really don't carry a bag... I use a Bogg Bag to carry things back and forth to school and then I have an Oventure key ring with a wallet attached that has everything on it if I need to run in somewhere.  

I use a  leather Oventure ring and a Frye Melissa card case that doesn't look like you can find anymore.  Oventure has some really cute card cases as well 

If it's not a school day and I'm needing to take some things with me I typically find myself reaching for my Urban Southern market tote.  I hate it in brown and black and it just gets better and better with time.

I can't speak to it being the best one out there since I've only had one but I've used  this kettle daily in my classroom this year and it's been awesome!

Dave - Chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy

Andrea - Fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken

Luke - homemade meatball sub

Mason - Chick-Fil-A ;)

Griffin - moms Swedish meatballs

Absolutely!  I did a whole post on this last January that you can read  HERE.  I still stand by those recs but could add these...

I've also been loving jamestfarmer (his kitchen and garden are what dreams are made of)...

Eunamaes is another favorite to follow - her decor style is warm and "gathered" and lovely and she shares wonderful recipes.  She also owns the sweetest kitchen store (and y'all KNOW that owning a shop is my dream!)

happyhappyhouseplant is another favorite - she shares awesome tips and tricks, lots of info and I want to move into her house with her and all her plants ;) hahaha

turkuazkitchen makes the most incredible food and I could watch her reels all day long.  They're beautiful and lovely and even if you have no intention of making homemade pastas or breads from scratch there's just something about watching her do it ;)

My two absolute favorite follows are ballerinafarm and fivemarysfarm. 

Both of them lead lives that are so different from mine and I LOVE seeing what they're up to, what they're making, what projects they have going on and how amazingly independent their kids are.

I'd love to know what your favorite follows are as well!

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links - thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Hi Andrea! I was just looking over the accounts you follow (from your post last January, not sure how I missed that!) but I just thought it was SO COOL that you follow Derwin Gray! He’s my pastor! We’ve been a part of Transformation Church for about 8 years now & pastor Derwin is AMAZING!

  2. I think you’d love The Messy Table Podcast. Incredibly interesting interviews with unique Christian women.
    Episode 79 is my favorite.

  3. Andrea! What did you put under your toast with the egg? Cream cheese? Mayo? Thank you :)

  4. I also LOVE calming, beautiful, interesting, fascinating, impressive, lovely, and also amazed at the kids independence and capabilities...I am.doing it all wrong. Hahaha. Also, I think you meant to say... I have, not hate...hahaha ( handbag), and maybe....chicken fried steak, not chicken fried chicken??..idk...I am looking into your other insta follows. Ty


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