Monday, February 7, 2022

Friendship Bracelets

Happy Monday, friends!!!  Today I'm sharing all the details on a FAVORITE activity at our house - FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS!!!  They're easy and fun and the end result is something that is super fun to wear.

So we have an overabundance of supplies - but really can you have too many beads???

You'll need some seed beads, stretchy cord...

... and these little bead hook things.  The seed beads are SO TEENY and basically you use the little hook and thread the beads on and then put the stretchy cord through the "eye" on the other end and you push the beads onto the cord.

We like to tape one end of the cord to the little trays so that they don't fall off one end when you're putting them onto the other end of the cord.

When it's the correct length you tie them off with a single knot, couple of surgeons knots and then another single (or that's my process)...

... and then I like to pull the ends back through 6-8 beads on each side and then cut them.

We have tons of colors, bigger smiley, smaller smileys (my FAVES!), letters and then volleyballs (which are larger so you'll need to put larger beads on either side).

Even mason has jumped on the bracelet train - he's made them for teachers, friends and me ;)

My go-tos are always a random mix of colors with smileys and letters...

Griffin has been all about the volley alls with school colors...

... and even Dave has been sporting one that Mason made him :)

Here are a few of the sets/supplies we have (affiliate links)... if you start making them I want to see pics!!!


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