Friday, February 11, 2022

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday, friends!  Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us every week.  Make sure that you're grabbing our graphic, linking back to us and sharing your own Friday Favorites post ;)

First up is my FAVORITE picture from the snow last week.  I can't believe I forgot to share it last Friday!!!

Speaking of snow... this girl LOVED IT!

I shared this on my IG, but on Sunday I did a bunch of prep for the week including some of my very FAVORITE recipes.

A double batch of Shay's Ultimate Sausage Balls for easy breakfasts for the week...

... a double batch of one of our very favorite pastas (one for dinner Sunday and one for the freezer)...

... a batch of Monster cookies for snacks (and because I was trying to use up a bag of Valentine's M&Ms - hahaha)...

... and a "faux quiche" for my lunches.

We've been playing lots of one of our FAVORITE games...

... and this girl working on her spelling words next to me on the couch was a FAVORITE from the week.

Griffin and Dave are going to a daddy-daughter dance next week and she's been BEGGING me for "high heels".  I surprised her with THESE this week and she is OVER THE MOON about them.  I have to say they really are pretty fabulous ;)  They're ridiculously sparkly and make her feel so grown up.  Now for the battles of where she can/can't wear them to begin! hahahaha

Speaking of shoes - Native shoes are some of our FAVORITES and when I was ordering Griffin a new pair for Spring I had to add  these as well because they're SO CUTE!  This is the pair I ordered her to wear with dresses and stuff this Spring/Summer.

We got to cheer on our FAVORITE Lady Mustangs soccer team yesterday...

... with some of our very FAVORITE friends!

Another FAVORITE has been finding 90's books on Thriftbook!  I picked out some Babysitters club super specials and some of my FAVORITE horse books from when I was younger as well as a few newer doll people books.  If you haven't checked out their website it's GREAT!

Last, but not least - we had one of our FAVORITE super simple dinners and I thought I'd share in case you're looking for an easy idea for next week.  Homemade mashed potatoes with white gravy, chopped up chicken tenders, corn and cheese.  You can put as much or as little of items in your bowl and it's seriously a crowd favorite.

We have a weekend full of makeup sports from last weekend, some casual superbowl plans at home and a fair bit of Valentine's box crafting going down over the next few days - should be fun!!!


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  1. I want those high heels in my size! Love that snowy photo of the kids holding hands. All your food looks delicious.

  2. I wish I had some of those sausage balls right now. With a cookie.

  3. I just ordered Britt those Natives! SO cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thanks for mentioning those sausage balls - a perfect treat to me for my college kids to take back with them next time :)

  5. Have you seen the natives point toe women’s flats? LOVE them and wear them to work. They’ll be even better for the summer plus they’re on sale right now!

  6. Thanks for the book website. I have been getting books at Better World Books that are used and new, but I like them because for every book I order they donate one.

  7. That snow day picture is gorgeous. Such a sweet memory. I think you should make it a canvas and give it a permanent place in your home.

  8. Do you have that recipe for the pasta? Looks delish!

  9. I read ALL of those horse books when I was younger! They are the best!

  10. OH i loved the Thoroughbred books, sooooo much, oh man.


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