Monday, January 24, 2022

Griffin's Room Refresh (so far)

During Christmas break we decided to start a little refresh on G's room.  Her room had been pretty much the same since we moved in 5 years ago and she had some fun requests like "a bed that sticks out into the room", a nightstand and a desk with drawers ;) We will have a few things to do but we're not in a rush so I thought I'd share where we're at right now and then update you in the future when we get other things done.

If you're into designer-type rooms AVERT YOUR EYES :) hahaha. My parents always let our rooms be "our rooms" growing up and Dave and I have adopted that same mentality for our kids.  They're their spaces and they're filled with toys and trinkets and too many dolls and too many things and I hope that they grow up with as many fond memories of their rooms as I have of mine.  

I LOVED her daybed but REALLY love the new one as well

She picked out  this Jenny Lind style bed and we were super impressed with how heavy/sturdy it is and it was super simple to assemble. 

We got  a new cover for her duvet and a couple of throw pillows from Homegoods and the mix of pinks and purples and textures is precious.

The kitty and polka dot sheets we already had.

Still looking for curtains/shades and the hooks on the wall (and the shelf) need to be moved but my dad put them up for us years ago and he used these Canadian screws (seriously) that have a square head and we don't have the tool to get them out. hahahaa

The art above the bed is this piece by Jenny Grumbles but we stumbled upon it at Homegoods and it was love at first sight.

The nightstand is one of her very favorite parts and it was as serious deal on Amazon.  We picked it because of the stuffed animal storage underneath.

Since she wanted her bed to come out from the wall we needed to get rid of her big IKEA dresser to make room and found this antique cutie at a local antique mall for under $75!  It's on wheels and we're thinking it's about 100. years old and it's just so precious.

The second she spotted this heart frame she immediately asked for it and asked me to print a picture of puppy Rosie to put in it.  SO SWEET!  Peep that beret in the back, too! :)

On the other side of the room is her desk, a couple little shelves and her old mirror we're still torn on whether or not to keep.

I found the desk on facebook marketplace (it's originally from Pottery Barn) and immediately loved the turned legs and she loved the drawers ;) She fell in love with the rainbow print on a Homegoods run a couple of weekends ago.

All those drawers are full of pop-its and shopkins and random pieces of paper and Barbie shoes... you know... just the essentials :) hahaha

Lego shelves - sigh.  I can't get away from Legos!

I found  this awesome basket on Amazon and it's been the perfect storage solution for AG dolls. 

I'd love to have a cushion made for her little window seat but for right now she likes it as it (and it's currently a baby nursery) so we're holding off on that.

Maileg mice and AG dolls everywhere ;)

This planter is EVERYTHING! It casts the best light all over the rom in the late afternoon.

And there you go!  It's a happy and very "Griffin" space for sure and I LOVE how much she loves it.  Happy Monday, friends!!!

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  1. I've been waiting for this post! It's so cute - love it!

  2. Absolutely adorable- and looks like a great refection of her- which is exactly what it should be!

  3. What did you do with her beautiful flower rug? I have always loved that!!

  4. Is that colorful floral rug up for resale? Am interested if it's available.

  5. I love her new room! I loved your quote about "the essentials" being in her desk drawers....too funny!!

  6. I love how the space is turning out! My parents were the same. As long as we kept our rooms relatively neat, they were ours and we could have whatever we wanted in there. Hence the NKTOB posters clear up to the ceiling when I was a pre-teen.

  7. A lovely new space that is looking much more "grown up"!

  8. Love it! Do you have a link for the black basket type bookshelves? Those are so cute!

  9. That is quite a transformation! Hope she makes lots of good memories in there :)

  10. Super cute! I'm currently working on my oldest daughter's room as well. We also have that same mirror and I turned it into a chalkboard (I attached a drawer pull on the bottom to hold the chalk.). The kids love leaving messages on it. :)

  11. "Designer" kid rooms drive me nuts! I LOVE that your kid rooms look like kid rooms! GG did a great job choosing fun things for her room. Love it!

  12. Do you know if the basket the dolls are is the wide or tall size? This may be a good option for all my girls dolls as well!

  13. Absolutely precious! What a sweet and special room for her! Love it! :)

  14. Oh, you have to keep that hot pink mirror. Memories! Even if it doesnt work in her room, its a keeper. Maybe as a bathroom mirror in place of the standard mirror.


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