Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Gift Guide: Teens


This dryer brush is what I use for my hair and Griffin's hair and it's SO SO SO GOOD!  It makes mornings super simple and I think this would make such a great gift.

I really can't believe that crocs are back but they totally are and  these baby pink ones are super cute.

This bum bum cream is a splurge but I think it would be the perfect teen/preteen girl gift because it's special and smells AMAZING!

This polaroid printer is my favorite because you can print pictures straight off of your phone - it's portable and super simple to use.  I love this way more than an instax camera because you don't waste film on crummy pics - you can pick good ones from your camera roll and just print.

These little bracelets are cute and fun to layer and this calligraphy book would be so cute packaged with  some new pens and a notebook.

This pom hat is PERFECTION,  this cute little cosmetics fridge is so fun and and  this key ring and  ID holder would be PERFECT for kids who have car or house keys they're trying to keep track of along with their ID or debit card.  

I've sung the praises of  the GABB phone for over a year and we love it SO MUCH!  You can read my post about it  HERE and can get 50% your purchase right now with the code MOMFESSIONALS30

I've used  these face masks before and not only are they great but the packaging is precious! 

These slippers are comfy cozy and covered in a giant smiley - they'd be great with some PJs or stuffed into a stocking.

This travel mug will keep things hot for HOURS and would be perfect if you have a coffee drinker.  

We have  this putter ball set and it's a huge hit with our whole family.  You can play by yourself or against an opponent and it comes with the putters and balls.

Nalgenes last forever and are a perfect gift for guys and girls.  Same with this freestyle watch - we LOVE these and they last forever!

When we were in CO this summer tons of the college kids had  Cotopaxi bags.  LOVE all the colors!

This light-up football is perfect for tossing the ball around when it's getting dark earlier and apparently  this sweatshirt is cool ;) hahaha  

These headphones have great reviewsthese throwback sneakers are super popular and I think a  weight set would be awesome if you have a kid who is starting to or loving working out.  

Last, Luke got  a poker chip set last Christmas and LOVED IT!  Such a fun gift that they'll keep for years and years.

Happy Wednesday and happy shopping, friends!!!

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  1. Teens can be so tricky!! These are all great suggestions!!

  2. be careful with the dryer brush - i used it all the time for almost a year and loved it but it burned my hair and made it really damanged! if you use it just make sure not to use it often!


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