Thursday, December 2, 2021

Gift Guide: Teachers

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite things to give (and receive!) as a teacher.

Maybe it's just me but I go through notebooks like CRAZY. I'm constantly taking notes, making lists, etc. and a pretty one like this would be such a great gift.

If you have a teacher who enjoys a cup of coffee (or tea!) this mug has amazing reviews and would be great alone or with a package of k-cups, coffee shop gift card, etc.

I LOVE giving out stickers and am constantly on the lookout for new fun ones. This roll of smileys is SUPER cute!

This is my favorite hand cream of all time and with all of the hand washing that's been going on I think it would be a much appreciated gift. The smell is SO GOOD but not over powering and it's a shea butter cream so it lasts a long time without feeling greasy.

These are hands down the BEST pens out there and I can't think of a single teacher who wouldn't love to receive a package of these :)

My favorite teacher gift to give and receive. $5 to Sonic or Starbucks... A Baskin Robins gift card to take their kids out for ice cream or a Cinemark card to check out a movie with their kids over break. Write a note, pop the card in the envelope and call it a day! I know gift cards get a bad wrap for being impersonal but I think if you pick a place that you know a teacher loves or write a note about enjoying a meal with their family it can make it super personal and special.

If you have a middle or high school student, want to get their teachers a gift but are overwhelmed with your student having a LOT of teachers you could always find a few other parents who want to go in together and gift each teacher a card.

A s'mores kit, bag of candy/popcorn for movie night, board game, etc. would be so fun for a teacher with kids. 

A couple of things that I forgot about while making my graphic...

I feel like the description is enough said :) With SO MUCH TIME being spent on the computer I can't think of a single teacher who wouldn't love a heated shoulder and neck massage - myself included!

I included this in my guide from last year as well because it's seriously one of my favorite things ever. Our campus is outdoors so when it rains it can be a huge pain in the butt but this umbrella makes life so much easier! It's essentially "inside out" so when you collapse it the water stays "inside" the umbrella instead of getting all over you, your car, the floor, etc.

HAPPY gifting, friends!!!

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