Monday, November 15, 2021

Gift Guide: Boys

 Happy Monday, friends!  Today I'm sharing my gift guide for boys!  I always find boys stuff to be way harder to shop for so I'm excited for these finds :)

First up is  the pop-a-shot basketball game.  MY boys got this last year and they love it SO MUCH!  It's HUGE so make sure you have a spot big enough for it (don't be dumb like me and not measure accurately) but it's AWESOME!

One of Mason's favorite gifts EVER is  the comfy hoodie :)  It's a blanket/hoodie and it's seriously the coziest thing EVER!

I picked up  this drawing prompt book and it's great!  Every page has a fun/creative prompt for a drawing or doodle and I can't wait to give this to Mason.

Pop-its... again, I don't get the fascination with these but everyone seems to love them so here we go :)

This is kind of random - but how great is  this phone/camera holder for making stop motion videos.  My boys both have loved making them and this would make it so much easier for them.  If you have a budding videographer be sure to check it out!

A friend of Masons has  this light up memory game cube and it's on Mason's list this year - it has great reviews and is priced well so I'm excited about it.  

Monopoly deal is one of our very FAVORITE games ever - we all love it and the fact that it's a card game makes it a perfect throw-in-your-backpack game.

This Traxxas monster truck is a definite splurge gift - Mason saved up all of his birthday money last year and bought one and it's been one of his very favorite things to play with. He makes ramps for it, drives it through the neighborhood, takes it to my parents place, etc  He builds obstacle courses and drives through, races Luke's car, etc.  It's a BLAST!

We've had our fair share of marble mazes and  this one looks AWESOME!  Definitely an "older kid" version that I think both my boys would play with.

I feel like  these hoodies are always a safe bet - Mason and Luke both have a few and the quality is great.

This watch is the one that I bought all my kids (different colors) this summer and they've been AWESOME!  They swim in them, shower in them, wear them constantly and they are perfect!

Y'all know that we're HUGE fans of Snap Circuits and this is the first time I've seen a snap circuits coding robot!  I'm ordering this for Mason and will report on what he thinks after Christmas.

These blocks are SUPER basic but incredibly well made.  My kids play with these all the time!

I ordered  this microscope for Mason - I feel like it's right up his alley.  I can't wait to see what he takes closeup photos of :) hahaha

Mason is SUPER into football cards right now and he would LOVE  this binder.  Pokemon, football, baseball - this is perfect for any card collector at your house (and will hopefully prevent the little piles I find all over my house - hahaha)

Percy Jackson books will forever be on my list and if you have a Harry Potter fan  this version is GORGEOUS.

This Lego Chess set would make the PERFECT gift - I love that it's something they would more than likely have for a long time and have fun building it as well.

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

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  1. Your lists and guides are the best! They are always so practical and things they actually will like! thanks


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