Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Amazon Lately

 Happy Tuesday, friends!!! Today I'm sharing what I've been priming lately and buckle up because there are some fun finds ;)

First up is this bud vase that I ordered so I could propagate my giant swiss cheese plant.  I have a couple of cuttings in each little vase and it's so cute!

I ordered three of  these football holders for Mason's room.  He has a few special ones that he wants to display and I liked that they were simple and didn't take up a ton of space.

Luke needed new shoes and he picked  this pair.  He loves them and I love that he likes to just pick online and be done with it :)

I ordered  two sets of these photo ornaments for the Halloween tree and they were PERFECT!

We needed a better way to get Rosie in and out of the car and  this ramp has been awesome!  Because she's so large we really try to do everything we can to help save her joints and this is for that and also because she BARELY fits in between the front and middle rows anymore :) hahaha

Griffin and a few friends are wearing  these robes for PJ day and they are precious!  I ordered  her a size up and I love that the belt is attached.

Back when I did my favorite card game post I had several people recommend  Cover Your Assets.  I ordered it and now we can't stop playing.  It's seriously SO MUCH FUN!!!

Luke has been on the waitlist for what seems like EVER for the last 3 Percy Jackson books so I went ahead and just bought  the box set so he could finish them and so Mason would have them to read as well. Luke LOVED the series!

Last - a sweet reader sent me a pic of  this ornament on IG and I immediately ordered it for Luke :)  I wrote the Fall 2020 on it and I love that we have it to commemorate his first year playing in the stands with school. 

HAPPY Tuesday and happy shopping :) 

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. I got Carter's Christmas ornament last week! Going to add those ornament frames to cart!

  2. That dog ramp. I mean...THAT DOG RAMP! It makes me giggle!

  3. Ok, can you share how you've taught Rosie to use the ramp?? Or was she a natural? We have 2 bullmastiffs and they are just dead weight (a lot of dead weight!) when it comes to loading in my SUV/ hubby's truck. We tried a ramp and they are both scared of it. We've already replaced a knee with our older mastiff, and saving their joints is killing our backs, haha! Any tips appreciated!

    1. Our dog was afraid of the ramp, too. I think she was afraid of falling off the sides. We Gorilla glued pool noodles to the sides and she started using it. Hope this helps.

  4. Fun items. Love the ornament. Dont you mean Fall 2021 for the ornament though? Haha. Hopefully you wrote the correct year on the ornament. Ha. I collect meaningful ornaments too for my daughter.


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