Monday, September 27, 2021

Weekend Happies: HoCo Edition

Homecoming week has come and gone again and, as always, it was one of my favorite weeks of the year. 

Thursday morning started bright and you know it's going to be a full day when you have to bring a wagon :) hahahaha

I snapped a picture of G in her mum and boots (PRESH!)...

... and then we ran into Mrs. McKeller who is the cutest most school-spirited person EVER!

The day was jam packed with classes, a picnic lunch, volleyball tournament, pep rally...

... and a student run photo shoot of Gary for her first homecoming ;)

A PRECIOUS parent stopped by with an iced tea at pickup time just in time for a last-minute Walmart run for extra snacks when I realized that 95% of the middle school had bought tickets to the dance that night.

Back to school for the middle school football game...

... where we did middle school Homecoming court.

We ran home to get cleaned up and then Luke went to a friends house for a pre-dance dinner and Mason and Griffin came with me to the venue for the dance to meet the vendors and set up.

They tested out the photo booth situation...

... helped me get all the snacks  out and ready and then Dave took them home with him.

It was a crazy couple of hours but the kids had a blast and there was minimal drama ;)

Grateful for PERFECT weather and such a great turnout.

THANK GOODNESS Friday was our school's "state fair day" so we didn't have classes.  #amen. 

Friday night was the varsity homecoming game and Griffin cheered with the "lil stangs" elementary cheer squad.  They do this every year at Homecoming and it's the cutest thing ever.

They performed a dance during pre-game and then got to cheer with varsity during the first half.

Handed my camera to one of my sweet students who was on the sidelines and she snapped this for me.  LOVE!

Can we just talk about this sunset?!?!  

The best part of the game though?  Friends!

Whew! That was a doozy :). Thankfully we had minimal activities this weekend and I was able to get our lives pretty much back in order after last week's craziness.  

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. It's our homecoming this week! I'm the senior class sponsor, so it will be busy, busy, busy and fun, fun, fun!

  2. Such a fun weekend!!! Love that first pic of all the little girls!

  3. So fun! Homecoming is this week for us!

  4. The pics of Griffin and her girlfriends - just the most precious thing ever!

  5. Homecoming sounds like it was so much fun!

  6. I love HC in Texas!!!!!!!! Looks so fun, wish we did those in IL :)

  7. What a great weekend. Our HOCO is later in Oct and it will be our first real one due to COVID.



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