Thursday, September 23, 2021

Three Things

Today I'm sharing three things about each of the kiddos along with pictures of each of them in September when they were three.  I was talking with a friend the other day how much I LOVED the age of three and these pictures show why!  


I'm sure that lots of you preteen/teen moms can relate to this but I feel like Luke is eating ALL THE TIME.  He eats breakfast before he leaves for school and packs a thermos of oatmeal to eat during middle school "snack break" mid-morning.  Eats lunch and then has a big snack after school.  Eats dinner and then makes a sandwich an hour or so later.  Dave and I can't help but reference "second lunch" from the office almost daily ;)


Luke has been watching leaves fall in our backyard with dollar signs in his eyes :)  We pay the kids per bag of raked leaves and he's banking on a pretty hefty payout this year.


Luke has been playing with the high school drumline at football games and he's LOVING IT!  It's surreal to see him in those same stands where we met but so cool!


Our school has 5th grade do an "intro to band" a few times before they have to pick an elective for 6th grade and Mason has fallen in LOVE with saxophone.  His exact words were, "mom... Jack and I heard the smooth sounds of sax and knew it was meant to be" :) hahaha  His dad is REALLY hoping he hears some awesome drum beats this year and decides to go the percussion route but either way we're loving that he's getting excited for band!


Mason's flag football team is back and playing in a league where each team was assigned a college team name and he's on Alabama.  Mason doesn't want to play tackle so I'm not sure how many more seasons of flag he has and we're loving watching him!


Mason's class all had to apply for "class jobs" and Mason is the merchant which he is LOVING.  He helps run the class store on Friday mornings and has been having the best time.


Griffin is playing volleyball again this season and is LOVING IT.  She's working hard on her overhand serve and her little team is getting fun to watch.

- DJ GG -

Griffin is our family DJ ;)  Anytime we're home she's asking to have music on.  She'd like it to be party time all the time but is fine with some quieter tunes as well.  I'm thinking she may need an Alexa for Christmas to play music in her room... if you have one for your kids I'd love to hear what you think!  She typically just play playlists that we have on Spotify on her iPad so maybe a little bluetooth speaker would be better?  


I was worried when she decided to go short that her hair would take way more time to style but the opposite has been true which has been awesome!  Typically she'll wash it 2 times a week and then I'll blow dry it with my Revlon dryer brush and it looks cute for DAYS.  (In between she takes baths and just doesn't get her hair wet).  I'm really hoping that she decides to keep the bob up!


We have a big backyard project happening at the beginning of October and we're so excited!  We have some prep to do the next few weekends so if you see me hobbling around it's because I spent my weekend digging up bushes.


We had a couple cool mornings this week and I just switched my volcano candles out for fall ones and it's one of my favorite times of the year ;). I love the spiced cider by Capri Blue the best.

- HOCO -

This week is homecoming and I've been running around like CRAZY - but it's been so fun because our kiddos get to have some of the events that we didn't get to have last year.  Not sure I'll ever take a dance or powderpuff football game for granted again!  I'm wiped out but it's a good wiped!


  1. Love these posts! That pic of Luke on the scooter KILLS ME.

  2. My six year old daughter has an Alexa in her room and we love it! We can control the settings through the app on our phone to make sure everything she accesses is age appropriate. She loves to listen to music, play the games, and hear jokes. She really enjoys the bedtime stories app and the Disney sleep bedtime music. It’s the cutest to know she’s playing with her stuffies in her room and hear her say “Alexa, why do kangaroos hop?” Highly recommend!

  3. My 8 year old has an Alexa in her room and bathroom because she kept moving the one from her room when she took showers! She’s also a music girl but loves to listen to audio books before bed or while she plays. They also work great as an intercom system.

  4. My son started his freshman year of college this year and found that his school has a flag football team. He never really wanted to play tackle football either so he's excited to be able to have some fun with this flag football team. Maybe Mason will be able to keep up his skills till college! Cute pics!!

  5. These throwback pics give me all the feels, Andrea! Where did your babies go???

  6. Team saxophone over here, excellent choice Mason!

  7. That eating doesn't get any better! LOL My boys are aged 14, 15, & 17 and I swear they all eat nonstop. What cute photos.

  8. My boys both have Echo dots in their rooms and they are great. They use them for alarm clocks. My little guys uses it to set a timer when I tell him to read for twenty minutes. They play music. They also LOVE the sleep sounds/white noise. Highly recommend!

  9. My boys both have Echo dots in their rooms and they are great. They use them for alarm clocks. My little guys uses it to set a timer when I tell him to read for twenty minutes. They play music. They also LOVE the sleep sounds/white noise. Highly recommend!

  10. If you do purchase an Alexa, would you mind posting your recommendation, please? I’ve wanted to buy one for my daughter, but have no idea which one to get. Some of the reviews on Amazon are really bad. Thank you! Love this post!


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