Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Teacher Tuesday - 7 questions Pt II

For me classroom management is "I trust you until I can't".  For example, I don't do assigned seating.  I start off giving them the chance to pick a good seat, make a wise choice and take some ownership over their classroom experience.  Same with listening to music while working on homework - I trust you to do that but if I see that you're on your phone playing games then you've lost the privilege.  

I've found that with the age group I teach (7th and 8th grades) they really respond well to being given those little bits of responsibility and the freedoms that can go along with it.  

For carrying ALL THE THINGS I love my Bogg Bag because it holds A TON and stays upright in the car.  This bag usually holds my lunch bag, water bottle, an extra cup, change of shoes, etc.  I can throw everything in there and find it easily - it's the best!

As far as taking home papers and binders I LOVE  this backpack.  I love it because the entire front zips down making it super easy to put stacks of papers inside and keep them organized.  It holds way more than you'd think and I really like that it's not a typical "bulky" backpack.  If I'm just taking home a couple of sets of papers I'll put them in a binder in my bogg bag but if I have a big ol' stack I prefer the backpack.

We use RenWeb/FACTS which leads me to this question...

... not sure I've ever talked about report cards and how long they take but in general they don't take me super long since I'm just one subject area.  I enter DOZENS of grades all quarter long so when it's report card time really all I have left to do is a quick check to make sure I have everything entered correctly and then upload the grades to the report card. I do this for all six of my classes and then I'm done!

I've never subbed before but I can tell you as a teacher that if you want to be requested by teachers be a sub who follows the plans!!!

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Absolutely! Life is short and teaching is super rewarding.  I'd definitely talk to some friends who are teachers and try to get as much insight as you can before diving in so that you have realistic expectations.  

I use the website dafont to download fonts - they have TONS.  If I'm doing a bulletin board I'll just print things off in huge fonts in Microsoft word and then I cut the letters out.  It's a pain but it's cute!

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  1. Why do I love your classroom info posts so much?! Love this series!!

  2. THis is so fun to read - a little “behind the scenes” - your students are super lucky!


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