Thursday, September 9, 2021

Amazon Lately

 Happy Thursday, friends!!! Today I'm sharing what I've been priming lately and buckle up because there are some fun finds ;)

First up are  these boots I ordered for Griffin.  She needs them for part of her Halloween costume (yes... we are already planning her costume - hahaha) and they are SO CUTE!  They'll be cute with skinny jeans and dresses as tights as well.  The quilting on the back is a really pretty detail and I felt like they were a great deal for the price.


I had to reorder  my FAVORITE fast dry top coat.  It seriously dries your nails in like a minute and makes your polish so shiny! I've been using it for YEARS and years and love it so much!
We upgraded our fish tank situation to  this one with a filter and the kids have gotten a huge kick out of the LED lights.  So far it's been wonderful for what we need!

Mason's hydroflask had a screw on lid and he was wanting the straw lid to make things easier for school.  I ordered him this lid and after cutting down the straw a bit it's been perfect!

He also needed a new handle and so I picked up this one.  (his water bottle is the older style with the little lip on it - if you have a brand new hydroflask you'll need this kind of handle)

It is still one million degrees here and my car is essentially an inferno when we get in there after school so I begrudgingly ordered  this sunshade for my windshield.  I say begrudgingly because I am THE WORST at getting these to collapse correctly but now that Luke rides up front with me it's his job and he handles it well ;) 

I literally feel like I have been cleaning my house incorrectly for the past 17 years.  Seriously.  WHY have I been dusting #allthethings with a rag?!?!?  I ordered  the swiffer thing that I'm assuming most of y'all already have and love and I will never go back to the dust rag method ever again.

Did I order 4 of  these replacement boxes just in case?  For sure.

Griffin has been VERY into headbands (pre-haircut) and I ordered  these for her.  They don't "hurt her ears" and the little knot on the top is precious.  They come out to less than $1/each and the set includes every color you could ever need.

We had an on-campus retreat day for middle school during the first week of school and so I ordered a couple of "essentials" for us to use and then have on hand for future school events - because #middleschool ;)  

The megaphone isn't the greatest one out there but it was $20 and it worked well enough for what we needed (which was giving game instructions to a bunch of kids outside).  It also has a siren button that was useful for when teams won or we needed everyone's attention.

I ordered  this set of chickens for our "chicken launch" competition and aside from losing a couple of their heads when kids threw them by the head (you can pop them back on) these worked well and they make a ridiculous noise which was entertaining ;)

Luke needed a lock for his locker and he liked  this option because he can set his own code and it's super easy to use. 

Happy shopping, friends!!!

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  1. I grew up dusting with a rag. It was my biggest chore. The swiffer thing IS LIFE. That's all.

  2. I want those boots in my size! They're darling.

  3. You've convinced me to buy the fast drying top coat! :)


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