Monday, August 2, 2021

Weekend Happies - Headed to Camp Edition


Happy Monday, friends!  We dropped the kids off at camp yesterday and since I went back to work last Thursday and Friday most of the weekend was spent getting these cuties ready for their week away.  

We stopped at Hobby Lobby to grab a few things for some of their fun night events...

... checked out Christmas ornaments (WHAT?!?!) while we were there...

.... and got everyone some Crocs (apparently a camp must have!).

After our errands we got their trunks packed.... I helped Griffin...

But the boys pretty much handled themselves :)

Luke opted to keep his pictures in his trunk and not in the lid this year which made me smile - he's growing up, y'all!  

I've written posts in the past about how we pack for camp (click  HERE to read last years) and both my boys opted for the ziplock bag method again this year mainly because it keeps their clean clothes separated out from the dirty ones EVEN THOUGH the dirty ones should be in their laundry bag :) hahaha

Camp mail is always one of my FAVORITE parts and I did the little boxes of candy with a note in the envelopes (they can get envelopes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)...

... and boxes of fun stuff on Tuesday and Thursday.  Mason and Griffin LOVE the stickers on their packages, Luke's are plain :) 

Griffin's first box had a package of scrunchies (a HUGE hit last year - she shared with all her cabin mates and it was an easy way to break the ice for her), a bouncy ball, a set of UNO cards (because EVERYONE knows UNO!) and a snack...

... and her second had a couple more snacks, a mini soccer ball (that she'll probably use like a volleyball with friends) and some of those scratch doodle pages.

The boys also got UNO, a bouncy ball and snacks and then I added some paper airplane kits.... they have some downtime and I figured these were something they'd have fun making with buddies and then launching from their porches.

... and then their second box had more snacks, a football and some dollar store wall crawlers.  EASY stuff and stuff that they can do with friends during freetime.  

Sunday afternoon we got everyone loaded up, snapped a super sunny pic and then hit the road...


Pulling into camp means fresh chocolate chip cookies!

Luke was the first drop off and he let me snap one single pic before heading off to do his thing and wouldn't you know when I looked at it later he had his eyes closed!!! Still cute :) 

Even though she's been before Griffin has been SUPER nervous this week about being away from home.  We'd talked through all the things, she knew in her head that everything would be fine but she was just NERVOUS.  Well, we dropped Luke off and went to get on a wagon to take us over to MAson and G's cabin and two wagons both went past us because they were either full or heading somewhere else and when the third wagon pulled up and we hopped on THERE WAS HER COUNSELOR FROM LAST YEAR!!!  She ADORED this precious girl and she immediately goes, "GRIFFIN!!!!" and Griffin's mood instantly changed.  She was relaxed and her smile was back and I could tell that her nerves had been eased.  It was just the sweetest and I could have cried I was so grateful!!!

We got Mason dropped off...

... and then made our way to our last stop.

Phew! I feel like we lived a lot of life in a day and a half :) hahaha

We are praying that they have an awesome week - making new friends, making connections with counselors and growing closer to the Lord.  In the meantime I'm back at work this week and planning on cooking zero meals :) hahahaha

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. I am sure the kids will have a blast! I hope you have a great week without cooking. ;)

    1. If the pics that camp is posting are any indication they're having the BEST WEEK EVER! :)

  2. SO impressed that that counselor remembered her name! What a blessing of your sweet nervous girl! I spent a lot of years as a counselor back in the day and we would always say “hey girl!” Or “hey buddy!” to kids who remembered us but we just couldn’t come up with their name right away bc of the sheer number of kids you have for a week at a time summer after summer. The fact that she pulled Griffin’s name up like that was SO impressive! Hope they have a great week!

    1. I was SO IMPRESSED too!!! I wouldn't have expected her to remember but I think it speaks so well to how awesome these counselors are. So grateful!

  3. I love this post! Camping is always such a great experience for kids and you have taken it even further by all the special touches, I love the idea of a new box per day with fun stuff to share with friends! What a great idea.

    1. YES! You can purchase premade snack and surprise boxes but I like to put them together :)

  4. Well, I teared up for you when Griffin's counselor from last year remembered her ;) I was nervous for her!! It's wonderful they are able to go to camp and make those memories!

    1. I might tear up thinking about it right now! We're so grateful that we're able to give them these experiences - I think that being independent for a week is SO GOOD for them!

  5. As a parent to kids who were campers and are now counselors, I can tell you they do remember the kids! They get just as excited about seeing "their campers" come back as the kids do about seeing their counselors. Is this a different camp altogether or did you drive back to Colorado? They will have the best week!!

    1. What an impact your kids have made! So grateful for amazing counselors!!! Sky Ranch has facilities in Colorado (family and high school leadership camps), Texas and Oklahoma (overnight camp for kids) - so they're part of the same programming but a different campus

  6. Where is Griffin's striped shirt/shorts combo from? It's adorable!!

  7. That's so impressive she remembered her name from last year. Kudos to that counselor! She deserves a raise. Hope they have fun!
    Caroline @ Dramatic in the Best Way


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