Thursday, August 19, 2021

Seven Questions

I get this question ALL THE TIME!  Bogg Bags have become SO popular that it's hard to believe when I first started sharing about them you could find them on clearance at Homegoods!  A friend of mine recently found some in-person at Dillards and last summer I found a few at Scheels in-person.  If you're shopping online my recommendation is to follow BoggBags and then watch their stories for when they share stories of retailers who carry their bags getting new stock in.  GOOD LUCK and may the odds be ever in your favor! :)

Group text!!!  I know that sounds crazy but we are always checking in on each other, sharing funny memes and chit chatting throughout the day. We get together a couple of times a month as well but stay connected daily via text :)

I'm not super into the enneagram but I've been told 1000% by people who are VERY into it that I'm a two.  I took the test which confirmed their analysis and don't really have a whole lot of insight other than that :)

I actually use my flat iron to curl my hair!  I use  this iron and love it! 

I wish I could say that she was devastated but honestly we all think that she's happy about the extra quiet time for napping :) hahaha. 

She LOVED to sleep in with the kids during the summer and often wouldn't come downstairs until Luke did at like 11 a.m. so the 6 a.m. wakeup call is not at all her speed.  She lumbers downstairs to be with the kids and tries to "rally" but most mornings she's back asleep before the kids and I head out ;) 

I do my own nails typically once a week and I use Essie Toned Down 99% of the time and top it with  Seche Vite dry fast top coat.  My friend Lori told me about it YEARS ago and it's all I use.  It makes your polish dry SO FAST and I love that I can literally paint them as I'm walking out the door on a Sunday morning!

I'm SUPER lucky in this department because for the most part my kids get it done before we get home!  School is out at 3:15 but I typically work until at least 4:00 and so Mason and Griffin go to our school's Extended School Supervision (ESS) program.  Part of that program is "homework club" where high school kids come in and monitor the elementary kids doing their homework.  They answer questions, help, etc. and it's AMAZING because by the time we get home the bulk of their work is done.  We still practice Bible verses and do spelling words and study at home but it's so helpful for the other pieces to be done prior to getting home.  Luke typically hangs in my classroom and gets things done.

You can read about a typical school day routine in  THIS POST

I was looking for a picture of the kids doing homework and came across the preciousness above.  CAN'T HARDLY STAND HOW SWEET!!!

HAPPY THURSDAY, friends!!!

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  1. That top coat is AMAZING!!!!!! She always has the best tips!

  2. I just did my nails this morning and have been using that topcoat on you’re recommendation for YEARS. I love these types of posts:)
    You should post a question and ask for answers in the comments (like easiest go-to meal or favorite stocking stuffer) - kind of like aFB post :) I live getting great tips from bloggers and readers!!

  3. Love this post! I really like to get to know you better this way.

    That top coat sounds amazing.

    Re the enneagram, I tend to identify strongly as a Four, but I think people who think they know me well (like my parents) would say I'm a Five. I am not super into it either, but love to read up on it every now and again.

  4. I have seen Bogg Bags in our local Hallmark store. Don't know if this is nationwide or just local.


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