Thursday, July 29, 2021

Back to School Essentials

 Today I thought I'd share some of our Back-to-school FAVORITES in case your crew is getting ready to head back like mine is!

Luke's super cool backpack from last year bit the DUST after 6th grade and I really feel like it was "user error" since he had that thing crammed with SO MUCH STUFF all the time :) hahaha. This year I'm hoping that a better quality bag AND reduced carrying load will mean he carries the bag for at least the rest of middle school.

I'm extra hopeful because Mason picked out the same one - thankfully we actually snagged them at TJMaxx/Homegoods for about half of retail!  You can click  HERE to shop the same bag in a different color but the same sale price!

Griffin picked out  this rainbow backpack also from TJ Maxx and it is SO CUTE!!!

My kids all use Hydroflask water bottles and I just got Griffin  this handle to go on hers and it's GREAT!

If my kids needed new water bottles I would most definitely order them  one of these personalized etched bottles.  I ordered one as a coaches gift earlier this summer and it turned out PERFECT!!!

I was so excited to find  these washable lunchbags last year. They're HUGE on the inside and hold their  Yumboxes, a thermos and a hydroflask.  And did I mention that they're washable??? :)

I mean - look at all that space!!!  They're not insulated but with an ice pack thrown in there they're perfectly fine until lunch.

Griffin didn't have her own thermos so I grabbed this pink one for her last year and she LOVED IT!  It's so cute and has a metal spoon in the lid!

If you're looking for some ideas of what to pack in lunches you can check out  this post I wrote a couple of years ago...

I LOVE a lunchbox note and while one of my kids is EXTRA vocal about how much they love them, I've also found them stashed in the other's lunchboxes so I know they don't immediately throw them away :). 

Here are a few other favorites that I've used as well...


and last but not least  LABELS!!!  I label ALLLLLL  the things (especially since my kids wear the exact same things to school as every other kid - hahaha) and you can write on them with Sharpie, stick them onto clothing or notebooks or water bottles and they last through the dishwasher and washing machine.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. What is the brand of thermos?

  2. I love the lunch box notes! There was no such thing when I packed lunches for my kids so I always wrote a note on their napkin #oldschool ;).

  3. Those labels are the best! I need to order a new water bottle, those are so awesome!

  4. When each of my sons left for college I bought them a North Face backpack. They still have them and my oldest has been out of college for 14 years! Worth the $.

  5. Love this post, my oldest will be starting kindergarten and it has been so fun getting her all the things!

  6. This is a helpful post! As a teacher, I would appreciate a post about back-to-school essentials for you. What works for school snacks and lunches for you? Hope your school year is starting off well!

  7. I purchased North Face backpacks for my sons when they went off to college. They still have them today over 10 years later! So work the money!


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