Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

Now that school is out I FINALLY want to cook.  I felt like all of May all I wanted to do was eat Jimmy Johns ;) hahaha  I've been making everyone's requests including meatloaf and cheesy mashed potatoes....

 Manda's 35th birthday. She would have been 40 this week and I've spent quite a bit of time reminiscing about her and our friendship.  I miss her so much and am so glad that I had her as a friend.  
Life is short, y'all - hug your people! 

These cute little grads!!! OH MY WORD!  These come across my Timehop every year adn they're some of my absolute favorite pics.

NOTHING! ;)  Puzzles, swimming, naps... it's been GLORIOUS!

Y'all.  I hate Monopoly.  HATE IT.
But my kids LOVE IT.  And apparently all they want to do this summer is play :) hahaha

Figuring out how to manage this hot mess of a garden :)  For real though - I'm about to go watch tomato pruning videos!

I'm so excited about  THIS DRESS!  It should be here this week and I hope it's true love!  Y'all know I wear dresses all summer long and this one ticks all my boxes.  

I took the kids and some friends to go see Raya and the Last Dragon earlier this week and we all LOVED IT!  Like - I would pay to go watch it again.  It was visually stunning (seriously so detailed and gorgeous) and the story was redemptive.  The boys all loved it as well and immediately asked to watch it again.  If you have younger kids who get scared easily I may wait a bit (or see if you can preview it first) because parts were intense but overall 5/5 stars.

I just started listening to The Bone Fram audiobook and it is SO CREEPY and good!   I'm like 2 hours into a 20-hour listen but I'm loving it so far.

PJs al day, every day :)  For real.  Taking full advantage of having to be nowhere and the 850 days of rain and am in pj-mode non-stop.

Hanging out with 2/3 of my kids because Luke is headed to a youth group camp with church.  I'm so excited for him!  We're hoping for lots of pool time as well weather permitting.

ALLLL the summer fun!  (and not waking up early).  Rosie is on lifeguard duty :) 

I ordered  this set of Turkish towels since the set I love so much from two years ago is out of stock and I'm happy to report I love them just as much!  They'll soften up as they get washed but they're a great size and fold up super small just like my previous set.  I also love that they dry quickly so if we swim in the morning and use the towels we can drape them over a chair and they'll be dry by the time we hop back in the pool that afternoon.

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great start to your summer! We have 2 more days with students and 2 days of post-planning. I am ready! :)

  2. Have you tried Monopoly Deal? It’s a 10-15 minute card game. I can’t stand the original board game but we all like the new card game.

  3. I love board games, card games, etc....but I also HATE Monopoly!

  4. Could I have your meatloaf recipe?

  5. I feel the same way about Monopoly and my boys just LOVE it! Luckily they are finally at an age they can play without me.

  6. Do you wear shorts under dresses? Do you have any you recommend?

  7. Do you wear shorts under dresses? Do you have any you recommend?

  8. Ugh. Monopoly!!! All kids go through it I think. My son got the “deluxe” version one year and, at 17, is still a pride and joy of his. Let me suggest two alternatives…Monopoly Deal (card game - took a bit to catch on but easy enough for all to enjoy) and Catan. My kids LOVE it and describe it as “like Monopoly but shorter and less-frustrating”. It reminds me a bit of Ticket to Ride. Another game just came into my head that I think you family would love - Cover Your A$$ets. Super fun competitive card game.
    Enjoy every minute of your summer!!!

  9. Any tips on washing your Turkish towels? I want to get these for the pool this summer and people seem to have mixed reviews on how to get them and keep them soft!


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