Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Three Things

Luke wrapped up his first season of golf and had such a great experience.  His score improved every tournament and he's already looking forward to working on his game this summer and being part of the team next season.  

I feel like Luke is outgrowing EVERYTHING right now.  Multiple times a week he'll come downstairs in something that's too short and he cleaned out his closet this past weekend and I swear that more than half of his clothes ended up in the donate pile.  

Luke has started mowing the lawn and he is doing such a great job!  I don't know why this feels like such a big milestone but it totally does and I'm not sure who's more excited - him or Dave :)

We were talking this week about what each of the kids wants to be when they grow up and Mason said that while he "kind of" wants to be a football player ;) he REALLY just wants to be an artist and have a house in the country where he can create stuff.  LOVE!!!  

Mason has been saving his "Mustang Bucks" at school and has enough to create his own reward.  He's working out the logistics but is hoping to be able to bring Gary Patterson to school with him for the day. I'll keep y'all posted!

Mason has always been a little "fish" and this year is no exception.  He and Griffin have already spent HOURS in our freezing cold pool and his big ask for the summer months ahead is to "just spend a lot of time swimming".  DEAL.

Griffin watched The Sound of Music in choir class and has been OBSESSED with it since.  We listen to (and sing along with) the songs daily, she rides her bike around the neighborhood singing and if there's an open patch of grass you can find her singing and spinning.  

Griffin LOVES going to the dentist and has decided that she wants to be a dentist when she grows up.  She is SUPER squeamish about any and all things medical so this is an interesting choice for her but it's a great goal and so we're here for it!

I'm officially reaping what I've sown and Griffin's room is my payback for being the world's messiest child :)  We got it all neat and tidy this weekend and she's determined to keep it clean but I have a feeling it will be back to an American Girl doll explosion by the weekend :)

I got our summer calendar together last week and am officially ready for school to be out.  The countdown is on, friends!!!

Dave has been at his new job for just about 6 months and I'm happy to report that it's THE BEST THING that could have happened to him.  He's loving it.  I'm loving that he's loving it.  Our family is loving it.  God did it and we are THANKFUL!

- 15 YEARS -
Y'all.  I'm wrapping up my FIFTEENTH year in the classroom.  It's absolutely blowing my mind.  I may have some more poignant thoughts at some point but for now all I've got is a whole lot of thankfulness for incredible co-workers, amazing students and just the opportunity to have a front row seat to my kids growing up while doing what I love.  

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. You have 3 great kiddos! The time you and Dave have invested in them is paying off! I enjoy reading about them and I have noticed how mature Luke is getting!

  2. I was hoping for Country "music" artist in that caption! :) He certainly looks like one in that picture! Good things all around, love to see it!

  3. Thank you for sharing Andrea, these are some of my favorite posts! Can't wait to see what your summer looks like.

  4. I loved when my oldest was big enough to take over the lawncare and he just loved driving around; but it did feel like such a big milestone. I still love the Sound of Music and watch it at least once a year while singing along to most of the songs. I've even been to the Von Trapp lodge in Vermont!

  5. Sounds like everyone is doing great! Loved the update. We are ready for summer too! I am over the morning hustle and bustle to get out the door.


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