Monday, May 3, 2021

Framed Art Craft

I felt like it had been way too long since we did some crafting so this weekend we cut up a few cardboard boxes into  frames and got out ALL THE PAINT to create a few gifts for grandmas and teachers.

I took the boxes and cut out a frame and then a back piece the same size.  The kids used acrylic paint and paint sticks to decorate the frames...

.. and then created some art pieces to go inside the frames.

We took a break and let things dry a bit and then punches holes in the painted frames and wrapped a piece of 18 gauge jewelry wire through and around the frame and then the kids threaded beads onto the wires...

When we use beads we like to dump them into a big bowl so they can see what they're working with :)

After they beaded the handles and we had wrapped it through the second hole to create a handle we hot glued the art down to the cardboard backing and then hot glued the frame on top of that.


These are possibly my favorite art project of all time - I love that they're imperfect and can frame any kind of art.  I love that we used all items that we had and that this would work for lots of different ages.  If you have artwork that your kid made at school (or even a great piece of writing!) they could create a frame to fit it and turn it into a perfect gift.

Griffin made this one for her teacher... the potato chip looking animal on the left is her teacher's cat named Ron and I love it SO MUCH!

Mason did a closeup and far away flower painting and he's deciding which one is for his teacher and which one is for his mom... I vote two for mom :) hahaha

I think that these would be so cute with a gift card attached as and end of the  year teacher gift - especially in the smaller size like what Mason made.  A drawing of your child or their teacher or your child and their teacher would be EXTRA sweet.  You could even have them write a thank you note on the back which would be PRECIOUS.  I think lots of teachers would totally hand the little art piece on their bulletin board or hang it up with a magnet on their filing cabinet and it would be a sweet memento.  It would also be darling hanging from a vase of flowers for Mother's Day - so many fun ideas!

HAPPY Crafting, friends!!!


  1. Love these!! I need to invest in some of those paint sticks!.. (me immediately going to search Amazon)

  2. Those are absolutely adorable, Andrea!!!

  3. I don't mean to pick favorites, but I think Griffin's masterpiece featuring Potato Chip Ron is so cute! These truly are all soooooooo great!!! Good job.

  4. These are too cool! Love them all!

  5. This is such a wonderful project. I've already begun it at home with my daughter and she so enjoyed making patterns with the bead handles. Thank you for all the inspiration! We also regularly have added "magic popcorn" to our routine. Love reading the fun ways you make each day special and incorporating them here at my home!


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