Thursday, May 20, 2021

7 Questions

Oh, gosh! SO MANY!  If you want casual and DELICIOUS Italian food with the biggest garlic rolls of all time you have to check out Sicily's.  We've been eating there for close to 25 years and love it so much.  Their pizza id delish and my favorite pasta is the Tortellini Sicilano without the olives.

If you want the best outdoor atmosphere we LOVE The Yard.  The smothered waffle fries and fried chicken tenders are everyone's faves and I love the backyard mixed green salad (candied pecans and goat cheese... yes, please!)

For EASY family Tex-Mex we love Anamia's and girls/date night the new Gloria's is great.

Downtown McKinney you really can't go wrong - we're partial to Snug on the square for sandwiches but you HAVE to check out Patina Green's brisket on a biscuit if you haven't before.  Harvest is BEAUTIFUL and their deviled eggs are out of this world.  

No schedule!!!  I've tried those and we end up just winging it day to day :)  I'd say that most days we're in the pool twice... usually once in the morning and then once after dinner and then in between that there's a mix of little day trips (Perot museum, aquarium, etc.), days where we play Mario Kart all afternoon, crafting, reading, playing, etc.  

I think that we're so scheduled during the school year that in the summer I just kind of let it all go and LOVE IT.

I feel like every new stage is my favorite but I definitely feel like we've been in a "sweet spot" for the past couple of years.  All three of them being fairly independent, still happy to hang out at home, not a lot of social drama, etc.  I LOVED the baby/toddler years but MAN were they exhausting.  I know that teen years are coming and so we're savoring this little sweet spot for as long as it lasts :) 

Most nights I'll check the weather for the next day and make a game plan in my head but that's about as far as my planning goes :)  But a lot of mornings I blow that plan up when I actually get the outfit on. hahahaha

Y'all.  Dave and I just got  a new bed and mattress and WHYYYYYY did we not upgrade YEARS ago?!?!!  I was nervous about the "mattress in a box" situation but it is SO GOOD.  It's comfortable and cool and supportive and we both love it so much.  Blue has never been my favorite color BUT I found some art that I fell in love with last year and after looking at what felt like HUNDREDS of nightstands I kept coming back to  these...

... I think they'll go with the art really well and tie in the blue from the accent pillows.  They're backordered for a while so we'll have to wait and see!

If I'm eating out I LOVE a combination plate - where you get an enchilada and a tostada and you don't really have to choose.  If we're eating Tex-Mex at home I LOVE this chicken enchilada recipe or this  Southwest Bowl (the aioli is KILLER!)

The bag that I reach for more than any other is my Urban Southern market tote...

... it goes with everything, just gets better with time and is the perfect size.  I love it SO MUCH!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that your boys are DUKE fans!! It gets me every time I see them in Duke shirts.

    1. We lived in Raleigh for a few years (when I was a kid) and my brother and dad have a Duke/UNC rivalry and my kids were recruited to cheer for Duke :) hahaha

  2. Can you share which mattress you picked out? We recently did a mattress in a box from Amazon, and its not our favorite and we need something new.

  3. We don't do a schedule for the summer either and I just can not wait for that this year. Mama is looking forward to sleeping in and not having to drive anyone anywhere.

  4. That denim dress 😍 can you share the link?

  5. That denim dress 😍 can you share the link?


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