Monday, April 5, 2021

Celebrating Luke

We celebrated Luke last week and I wanted to share the way we did his gifts in case you're looking for a fun way to gift someone cash :)

Luke asked for money for his birthday but I wanted to make it something fun and memorably so I got 13 envelopes and put cash in some, little things like chapstick and gum in a few and then a couple had notes in them that gave him the location to a gift (he got a fishing tackle backpack and a couple of shirts).  

Once I had everything in the order that I wanted I started with envelope 13... wrapping it in saran wrap :)  Then I just kept making the ball bigger and bigger adding the numbered envelopes along the way.  I used almost two rolls of wrap and it looked like this when it was done.  When we handed it to him he was so confused but he quickly realized he had to start unrolling...

... and it was seriously hilarious.  He would unroll and unwrap until an envelope was exposed, then he'd open that envelope and he kept going until he got through all 13 envelopes.  It was easy and fun and something that I think he'll remember.  Score!

He chose his favorite restaurant for dinner on his birthday but in true Luke fashion asked us to get it to go and eat it at home.  That's my kid!  I mean - if you could eat Italian food in the comfort of your own home in your robe why wouldn't you?!?!

My parents came over to join eat with us and he facetimed with cousins...

... and we wrapped up the night with a big stack of Luke's favorite cookies, bluebell ice cream...

... and a walk around the neighborhood.

It was exactly what Luke asked for and such a sweet night celebrating him.  He has a birthday party coming up this weekend and we can't wait!

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Looks like the perfect birthday celebration!!!! And I LOOOVE the saran wrap idea!!! I just might have to do that to my teenage daughter ;)

  2. Happy Birthday, Luke! He knows how to celebrate. I agree getting take out and eating at home in comfy clothes is the way to go!

  3. We do a game like that on Christmas eve and it is so fun. What a great way to gift money. Looks like he had a fabulous day.

  4. My son's birthday was April 1st, turned 19, and I wish I had known about this great idea!! 19 years old is not too OLD for fun like that and for the past several years, started when he was also 13, he just wanted money or gift cards. So now I have something special when he turns 20! Never too late to start! LOL!

  5. So cute. And my girl (and I) are the same...take the food home rather than sit in a restaurant....and put jammies on. Comfort first. I have been following since G was a baby. Can't believe Luke is 13. Love following and reading your blog.


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