Monday, April 19, 2021

After Party

Hey, friends! We had such a fun weekend celebrating both Mason and Griffin's actual birthdays and then having our annual family fiesta.  

Busy is an understatement and the after party (i.e. cleaning up from the party, finishing grading that stack of papers and prepping bags and such for a busy day tomorrow) is about to start so I'm going to leave you with this pic and the promise of details on parties and bday scavenger hunts and new bikes and all of that starting tomorrow. 

Happy Monday, friends! Y'all are the best!


  1. Well, that's the cutest pic ever. AND MAMA! 3 personal cakes? You rock.

  2. Love this photo. So sweet and so fun.

  3. What a cute photo! Did you have more birthday guests who helped eat the cakes? Love the candle decorations on the birthday cakes and they sure look delicious.


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