Monday, February 22, 2021

Weekend Recap - Valentine's Weekend

Well - I feel like I've lived a month in the past week and was struggling with where to pick back up with my blog so I've decided just to pick up right where I left off.  Seriously feels kind of bizarre that this was only like 10 days ago but here we go!

Friday afternoon I was so excite to get to help with the second grade ice cream Valentine's Day party.  Which was ironic because we were actually able to leave the ice cream out on the deck while we waited to set up because it was SO SO SO COLD!

When school got out there was a lot of "buzz" about the storm that we were expected to get and so I hit the grocery store and then we got home and got cozy...

Luke and I took Rosie for a walk and bundled like nobody's business :)

I also had a really sweet flower delivery on Friday...

GORGEOUS roses, peonies, hydrangeas and anemones...

Saturday we woke up to no snow but again - lots of snow buzz.  We worked on picking up in the backyard a bit, covering our pool equipment with blankets and Dave surprised Griffin with flowers and I snapped some of my favorite pictures EVER!

  We woke up on Sunday to snow on the ground so we had to check it out a bit before breakfast...

We warmed up with biscuits, gravy and eggs...

And some Valentine's treats :)

Did Dave get Mastiff socks?  Sure did!

After breakfast we headed back out to explore a bit more and find some places to sled...

We were laughing because Dave and I knew all the good spots to sled because I grew up in the neighborhood next to ours and we used to sled those same hills :)

When we got home I put together a fun lunch (more on that later)...

.. and then we got C.O.Z.Y!

We went to bed Sunday night knowing that a storm was coming but really having NO CLUE that we'd be facing multiple days without power and therefore heat.  It's BLOWING MY MIND looking at these pictures from last Sunday because it honestly feels like a month or more ago - ha!  We lived a lot of life in the past 7 days!

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Snow is so exciting! We have a foot of it and I told my husband we would be like Noah and send a chihuahua out everyday and when one stayed out for a bit, we would know the snow is melting. At the moment, they are just too short!!

  2. I think you already linked it but I can't find it...sorry! Where is Griffin's jacket from?

  3. Your flowers are beautiful and I just think it's so sweet that your husband brought some home for Griffin-- those photos are just priceless! All your food looks so good too.

  4. I mean, y'all had NO IDEA what was coming. So glad your on the other side of it now with hopefully minimal damage after everything settles. Love ya, friend! xoxo

  5. how do you make your gravy? looks delicious


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