Thursday, January 14, 2021

Walmart Grocery Comparison - January 2021

I've talked a few times now about how much we love Walmart grocery delivery and I'm happy to report that the novelty is yet to wear off.  We went back to school this week and I realized on Sunday night that we were short in the "school snack" department (baby carrots and a Christmas cookie, anyone???) so I hopped on the computer, placed my order and when I arrived home on Monday afternoon THERE IT WAS!!! 

Absolutely nothing better than having all of this....

... in my kitchen without having to go into a store.  #amen

Griffin was VERY excited about all the snack choices ;)

And not only did everything show up on my doorstep like magic but I saved over $20 compared to shopping at my local Kroger!

Snacks for three hungry kids, no trip to the store ANNNND saving $20??? SIGN ME UP!!!

You can shop all of the items that we saved on below and if you'd like to sign up for Walmart Express Delivery you can use  THIS LINK.

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

PS - this post was sponsored by Walmart and contained affiliate links.  Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. I zoomed in to check the difference between some of the prices and noticed that at Walmart you bought 18 items and at Kroger you bought 22. I'm sure it was just an oversight, but I'd be interested in seeing the price comparison on the same cart. Maybe Walmart is still cheaper, but it doesn't look like it was really a $20 savings. I know in my area the two stores are pretty close in price. I can catch a deal on snacks and household goods like soap and detergent at Walmart, but Kroger tends to have better prices on things like milk, eggs, produce, meat, etc.

  2. That’s because the quantities on certain items (like Capri suns) were different so at Kroger I would have had to buy 3 boxes of 10 while at Walmart they had a
    Box of 30. The quantity of items purchased is actually the same.

  3. Oh! Thank you so much for clarifying!

  4. I just signed up for the Walmart year membership myself! I'm excited for the free SAME DAY deliveries!

  5. How much do you tip? I still save money but just keeping me out of stores... No impulse buys.;)

  6. Haven’t read your blog in forever! But just did this morning and you inspired me to start my online grocery shopping again! Thanks sweet friend!!

  7. I hasn’t read your blog in so long, but came back and I’m glad I did! You reinspired me to order my groceries on line again and delivery...yes please! Thanks friend!!


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