Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Valentine's Day Touches

I wouldn't necessarily call what's going on Valentine's Day Decor but more like "touches" to get us in the V-Day spirit.  It feels fresh but still festive and I thought I'd share in case you're looking for some simple ideas for your home as well!

On the console table I added some  zinc hearts in a dough bowl - the hearts are so cute and you can actually write on them with chalk to use them as name cards on a place setting as well.

I have a couple of  these heart bowls that we use for popcorn and salads and all the other things and the hearts make me so happy!

I added an XO pillow to the chair....

... and a couple of banners to the mantle and our regular couch pillows fit with the theme :) 

The large linen pillows are all by Sugarboo and Co.

Not a whole lot happening in the kitchen other than a little heart dish filled with chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels (Dave's favorite)...

... some tea towels....

... and this little area.

I also put out this love pillow in the entry way...

... and this little tray on the dining room table (which is currently occupied by a puzzle of course!)

  I have a couple of fun lunch/dinner ideas up my sleeve that I'm excited to put together next month and am always looking for fun ideas so leave your decor/fun meal ideas in the comments! 

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. Those chocolate covered pretzels wouldn't last long at my house!!
    we have a few valentine things so I will dig them out this weekend.

  2. I haven't had the energy to decorate for Valentine's this year...but your post is inspiring me!!

  3. Your home decor posts are always my favorite!

  4. So many cute Valentine touches.

  5. Where can I find those heart tea towels? I LOVE THEM!!!

    1. I found them at Homegoods but they're Cupcakes and Cashmere brand if that helps you track them down!

  6. And for a final touch - a big red bow around Rosie!


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